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Analyn Urpi
2017-11-18 Solo Knee Recovery Ride 22.2 16.6 364
Knee has been swollen so took an easy spin this morning. Started early enough to go north with a tail wind and then returned with a tail wind. 
Eric Smernoff
2017-11-18 Saturday OAS Lite Belgiun wind training 49.5 21.1 0
OAS~Lite joined OAS, thank Alan! Just an honor to ride with such a solid group of cyclists. Solid cyclists also make it more fun to have a 19.7 avg into a 22/24 mph headwind for 28 miles! But even more fun with the 22/24 tailwind coming home. I threw in the white towel after several miles between 30 and 37mph when Joel, John, Sam and Ron rode me off their wheels....  
Daniel Schaaf MAP
2017-11-17 1 A Qwik Tiger Tale 104k 65.0 15.0 2,841
Incredibly windy! Tough ride. Surprised avg was as high as 15! McKinney to Leonard by way of Blue Ridge - going out wasn't that bad - lighter wind with crosswind and tailwind. Coming back was a challenge - partial headwind going west; full headwind going south in very strong wind. Had difficulty keeping bike going in a straight line during the stronger sidewind gusts. The return trip was mostly a middle ring ride!
BIKE: Bacchetta CA2 recumbent; start time: 09:11; end: 14:21; avg:15; max: 30.6; climb: 2841; miles: 64.95
CLOUDY to mostly sunny; wind: S 12-31; start temp: 68; min: 66; avg: 73; max: 79; end: 79
Daniel Schaaf MAP
2017-11-16 2 Clown Ride 50.5 17.7 646
Woke up early enough so decided to head over to the lake this morning. Did 25 miles then went for breakfast at Barbec's with Jay, Kenny, Ken, and Bob. Had originally planned on 4 laps after breakfast but decided to save something for the night ride (and avoid trail morons) so I capped it at 3+ laps and will do another 30 miles later if it doesn't rain. 
(when it came time to leave for the night ride I decided to pass as I have a bigger ride planned for tomorrow morning).
BIKE: Bacchetta CA2 recumbent; start time: 07:19; end: 11:35; avg:17.7; max: 28.5; climb: 646; miles: 50.46
CLOUDY; wind: E 3-12; start temp: 61; min: 59; avg: 62; max: 68; end: 66
Daniel Schaaf MAP
2017-11-15 Wednesday Night ABCD Wednesday C ride 30.1 16.1 663
Poteet is definitely a better ride due to very few traffic lights or stops. This ride is a ton of traffic lights. We did get some light rain and a wind shift with the passage of the cold front but the rain wasn't enough to even wet the pavement. Pablo came out on the C ride with his velomobile. That was a surprise as I expected him to be on his trike. But he only stayed for a little more than half the ride. I'd been hearing noise coming from the seat bag during the ride. I decided that was because I didn't have spare clothing in there. At the end of the ride I found out the real reason - bag was completely unzipped! Fortunately, it didn't seem as though anything important fell out but wallet, phone, and car keys were at risk owing to that little oversight!
BIKE: Bacchetta CA2 recumbent; start time: 18:00; end: 20:13; avg:16.1; max: 32.6; climb: 663; miles: 30.11
CLOUDY/drizzle; wind: NE 0-11; start temp: 68; min: 59; avg: 62; max: 68; end: 59
Daniel Schaaf MAP
2017-11-14 5 Poteet night ride 33.3 16.0 804
Joined the night ride with James, Wes, Jenny, Dean, and Melinda. Rode the 2-wheel recumbent with the dynamo wheel on front and had good front light with no worry about the battery as it is leg power and hub generator that powers it. Balmy air was the incentive to ride. This time of year, one must take advantage of balmy air!
BIKE: Bacchetta CA2 recumbent; start time: 17:43; end: 20:06; avg:16; max: 31.9; climb: 804; miles: 33.34
PARTLY CLOUDY; wind: SE 7 - 15; start temp: 68; min: 66; avg: 66; max: 68; end: 66
Nadia McInnis
2017-11-16 Mount Bethany 30.0 0.0 0
No one else saw the hills or baby mountains on today's ride. Then again, I'm riding with Tweeners and DBLite folks. Thankfully, I didn't feel exhausted after the ride so I must be doing something right. :)  
Eric Smernoff
2017-11-15 Wednesday Night ABCD 31.8 19.0 0
Another balmy November ride. Thanks Richard 
Eric Smernoff
2017-11-14 Pop B 42.8 20.2 0
Unbelievable warm weather for November.  
Nadia McInnis
2017-11-14 Thanks Greg and Chrissy 34.3 0.0 0
I joined Jerry this morning along with 9 other riders, but Chrissy wasn't feeling well and fell back a few times, so we parted ways in Allen. After climbing Mount Bethany, we ventured off with Greg Mitchell for a slower paced ride. I really wanted to push myself on the ride but I'm glad I didn't. Greg kept giving me advice on what to do in order to be a more efficient rider. If I kept riding without paying attention to the details I would have exerted all my energy in the first 20 miles. The small changes I made throughout the ride helped me finish strong. He is a great leader. He kept encouraging Chrissy and me along the way and was very attentive to our needs. Heck, we even made it back within a few minutes from the first group and kept with the listed average! Greg - I've known you for three years and this is our first ride together. You've been missing out. :) Actually, I am very thankful that we got to ride. Thanks for the help! But please, no more army stories. I can live without hearing about gunshot wounds or machete injuries.  
Nadia McInnis
2017-11-13 Mid-morning Trail Ride 15.0 0.0 0
Taking a break from Monday's routine. I'm also saving my energy for tomorrow's ride with Jerry.  
James Benning MAP
2017-11-12 2 Forest Row 81.0 13.2 5,876
Wind: NW 15-20
Temp: start/end 46/40
Time: start/end 09:04/16:43
Bike: Gios Megalite
Route: Hilly to Forest Row, Chilling St, Isfield and C7 home
Refreshments: Costa Coffee Forest Row
Weather: Mainly sunshine, even chillier than last week.
Comments: The plan was to be at Forest Row for noon where Dave might show. I left only a few minutes later than 9.00am so I thought I could get in my pre-Pac Tour hilly route to coffee and get there on time. I arrived about 10 minutes late – my decision to take in Dewlands the reason. Mind you I went up it well as the lanes were wet and slippery after last night’s rain, I had to negotiate two horses on the steep ascent and the Gios only has a compact. I also ran yesterday so the legs felt stiff and I had a biting NW wind to contend with which made the fingers cold. Glad I had my winter gear on! Still I am not going to whine about head wind anymore after 2 weeks of it on Pac so I won't mention it again!
The good news was we had the full complement of Assos Boyz waiting for me as I pulled in. Time went quick as we had much to catch up on over two Cappuccinos and a tuna melt.
I was now getting conscious of the time so it was a case of a direct home and no more stops. I must still be benefitting from Pac as the mileage and climbing surprised me when I checked my Garmin stats. Beautiful autumnal colours today in the sunshine but so glad to get home and warmth!
Analyn Urpi
2017-11-11 PBA DB Rec to Rockwall + Commute 66.3 17.0 1,588
Very fast DB Rec ride 
Daniel Schaaf MAP
2017-11-11 1 Garland / Sunnyvale / Mesquite 42.4 15.6 1,480
Did an afternoon ride with Jenny. We again left from Garland taking the bike path over to Barnes Bridge. We couldn't do the full loop as she needed to be finished by 3 PM.
BIKE: Bacchetta CA2 recumbent; start time: 11:54; end: 14:52; avg:15.6; max: 32; climb: 1480; miles: 42.37
HIGH CLOUDS; wind: SE 11-13; start temp: 64; min: 63; avg: 66; max: 70; end: 66
Daniel Schaaf MAP
2017-11-10 1 A Qwik Tiger Tale 104k 65.0 16.2 2,323
Cindy and I took several breaks, totaling 1h 22min - quite a bit for a 65-mile ride, which started in McKinney, went right through Blue Ridge and turned back after reaching Leonard. But, neither of us was in any big hurry and when she wanted to stop, we stopped. We had one official stop, at Leonard. Given how much climbing there was in a mere 65 miles (climbing 2300+ ft) we had a decent avg when we were moving. I rode my 2-wheel recumbent as I am still recovering from a saddle sore which developed during my cross-country tour. Enjoyed riding the recumbent though - it felt good, and Cindy was able to get a partial draft, so the ride went well!
BIKE: Bacchetta CA2 recumbent; start time: 10:21; end: 15:43; avg:16.2; max: 31.9; climb: 2323; miles: 64.95
HIGH CLOUDS; wind: SSE 5 - 9; start temp: 54; min: 54; avg: 63; max: 65; end: 61
Daniel Schaaf
2017-11-09 Clown Ride 44.4 17.1 607
Got a later start and a lap less than Tuesday. Planning on a 100k tomorrow so decided I didn't need to push for miles today. That, and the relatively cold day dissuaded me from going much beyond 4 laps.
BIKE: Bacchetta CA2 recumbent; start time: 9:24; end: 12:48; avg:17.1; max: 26.8; climb: 607; miles: 44.36
CLOUDY; wind: N 4 - 7; start temp: 50; min: 45; avg: 48; max: 54; end: 48
Daniel Schaaf
2017-11-07 Clown Ride 56.4 17.2 863
With the time change and a shift in breakfast meet up time, I got down to the lake in daylight but an hour earlier than usual, thanks to waking up an hour earlier than the new relative time. I took advantage and got 2 full laps before breakfast. Unfortunately, I decided to hook my helmet to my Bacchetta before going in for breakfast. That was a mistake as when I came out, I couldn't figure out how to undo the helmet strap - it was very difficult and I couldn't figure out why. Finally i got it apart and then I realized why it was so hard - it was the wrong connector and I hadn't realized there was a second connector that looked very similar to the one I used for connecting the chin strap. Try as I might, I couldn't reconnect the 2 parts that were never intended to be separated. Finally, I got on the bike, clipped in with my right foot, my left foot hanging down not clipped, and my helmet in the canvas bag and held in my left hand. I coasted down the hill. When I finally got to a point where gravity wasn't in my favor, I got off and walked it over to the car. Jay offered a spare helmet but I wanted to get mine fixed. Fortunately, Jay had a crooked needle nose plier that was the perfect choice. I was able to pop the 2 pieces back together and then I left with Bob and Jay - it was my 3rd lap but didn't get going on it until 10 AM. Did that lap with Bob and Jay. Did the 4th lap with Bob, Jay, and Larry. Did the 5th lap with Larry, once I caught up to him. Larry and Bob didn't leave right with me but weren't far behind. After 5 laps of cold riding, I decided to go home. I was still contemplating doing the evening Mesquite ride and didn't want to do too much at the lake. Of course, by the time I got home, I had decided not to do more in the evening. 56 miles on a chilly day was enough. It would not be better in the evening!
BIKE: Bacchetta CA2 recumbent; start time: 7:20; end: 12:58; avg:17.2; max: 29.2; climb: 863; miles: 56.4
CLOUDY; wind: N 8-14; start temp: 55; min: 50; avg: 52; max: 57; end: 55
Jeremy Matthews MAP
2017-11-11 Saturday DB2 DB2 to Grapevine Dam & DFW + commute 64.2 17.6 0
Went out west to avoid the construction obstruction mess on 75. Cross winds ruder than expected, but the group carried on anyway. Returned with the FnA-led faster group whose avg was probably 18 or so. Fun ride. Thanks Randy and David! 
Analyn Urpi
2017-11-07 Tuesday Night Coed Ride + Extra Miles 32.6 16.0 692
Injured knee doing an emergency stop, so skipped Sprink Creek hill.  
Nadia McInnis
2017-11-07 Lessons Learned 33.1 0.0 0
Rode with Jerry, Bobby, Chrissy, Kevin, George, and Mike.
After falling behind on the hills Jerry asked, "What did you learn today?"
Hmm, let me see:
1) I suck at hills, or what Jerry prefers to call them - slopes
2) I apparently can't join a group after biking 50 miles the day before cause I'll be the slow one
3) I lack inner motivation to keep me going when my behind is hurting as I'm climbing the slopes
4) I need to add more chocolate chips to my trail mix to sweeten up my day
I can keep going but the foam roller next to me has captured my attention. I hope all my hard work is not in vain. I'll get there. As they say in Togo, "petit à petit". Translation: Put more chocolate chips in your trail mix bag, make sure you stretch, and stop complaining. :)
Nadia McInnis
2017-11-06 My WRL Adventure 50.0 0.0 0
I got off to a late start. Then, I stopped at a bakery to get my delicious pre-ride treat, which delayed me another 10 minutes. But, once I got started, I was unstoppable. Until mile 27 that is. I didn't want to go around the lake again so I ventured off to see the newly constructed bridge at Mockingbird station. There were a lot of folks working around the area but I was able to get through some sections. My sightseeing adventure lowered an almost 16 average to 14.5 in the end. I absolutely love the fall weather. I love everything about the season. As I cycled through the beautiful wooded areas, I would close my eyes (briefly, of course) and feel the leaves brushing past me. It was a nice ride. Quiet but nice.  
James Benning MAP
2017-11-05 1 Forest Row and Isfield 76.0 13.6 5,052
Wind: NW 5-10
Temp: start/end 46/44
Time: start/end 09:15/16:50
Bike: Gios Megalite
Route: Forest Row direct (ish), Highbrook, Isfield and C7 home
Refreshments: Costa Coffee Forest Row and Cinders Buffet Isfield
Weather: Mainly sunshine, feeling chilly!
Comments: The plan was to be at Forest Row for noon where Dave might show. I thought he would and he did so it was nice to catch up, enjoy coffee (x2) and ride with someone for a change.
I left home 15 minute later than I wanted to so I thought best ride direct to coffee. It was not long before I realised I would be too early so I added a little hilly Fowley Lane loop. Haven’t been on this lane awhile so I had forgotten how pretty it is especially this time of year.
We rode back via Highbrook but then it was a direct route home via a quick stop at the Lavender Line. Haven’t been here for an age either – seems to me the good times here are now history. It’s not the same - just like Ashdown Forest Garden Centre.
Today was decidedly chilly with the north-west wind. I could have done with my winter gear on, what a change since my last ride! Lots of riders wearing shorts today – I don’t know how they do it. Felt good despite running yesterday – that was very pleasing. Today seemed like a noodle but I still knocked out 76 miles without that much effort.
Daniel Schaaf MAP
2017-11-05 1 Garland / Sunnyvale / Mesquite 40.3 14.7 1,391
Jenny texted me and said she wanted to ride in the afternoon. I naturally agreed, not realizing how tired I would feel after yesterday's 200k windfest. I quickly found that I struggled to climb and the way we leave Garland involves lots of climbing. Compounding the climbing difficulty was the extra difficulty imposed by the very strong south wind. I finally warmed up enough to climb reasonably well but it took over 20 miles, not the usual 10 mile warmup. I was glad when we were done!
BIKE: Neuvation road bike; start time: 14:29; end: 17:24; avg:14.7; max: 30.1; climb: 1391; miles: 40.33
SUNNY; wind: S 13-26; start temp: 88; min: 79; avg: 83; max: 88; end: 79
Daniel Schaaf MAP
2017-11-04 2 Blurox 200k 126.0 16.6 3,939
Last Sunday did this ride and satisfied the October R-12. Today, did this same ride and satisfied November R-12. It was strong wind both times but this time instead of a westerly wind it was a southerly wind. That meant 20 miles of headwind in the middle and 6 miles of headwind toward the end. Other than that, most of the time the wind wasn't too bad. Had a partial tailwind from Blue Ridge to Roxton, 55 miles. Averaged 19 mph. That had dropped to 17 by the time I got back to Wolfe City. I felt fine and could maintain a good pace in the wind but part of the time stayed with Mark and Cindy and they were going considerably slower. During the last 11 miles, I stayed with them for almost all of it and they were going about 10 mph for most of that. Amazingly, my avg only dropped to 16.6 with all that ultra slow going. So, a good ride today and I felt good!
BIKE: Bacchetta CA2 recumbent; start time: 8:36; end: 18:07; avg:16.6; max: 31.1; climb: 3839; miles: 125.95
PARTLY CLOUDY; wind: S 5-15; start temp: 61; min: 61; avg: 77; max: 90; end: 75
Eric Smernoff
2017-11-04 Saturday OAS Lite Teal, Fishtrap, Celina Cout 59.1 20.4 0
Great ride and good team work with the wind. Thanks gentlemen and ladies. Good times afterwards!!  
Analyn Urpi
2017-11-04 DB Rec to Irving + Commute 72.8 16.7 1,729
Three airport Tour today - DFW, Lovefield, and Addison 
Jeremy Matthews MAP
2017-11-04 Saturday DB2 DB2 to Las Colinas + commute 58.6 17.8 0
Nice warm ride with a fairly large group. We held together. Despite all the lights, we kept a good pace. Group average was probably a little over 18. Thanks Andreas! 
Eric Smernoff
2017-11-01 32.5 20.7 0
Great ride, lots of horse power tonight. 
Eric Smernoff
2017-11-02 Pop B 42.8 20.6 0
92 degrees at the start... 
Wayne McChristian
2017-11-02 Not a good ride. 31.8 0.0 0
Ride today ended with a non-vehicular crash. Spent 4 hours in ER. Negative x-rays and cat scans. Lots of road rash and sore muscles. Helmet probably saved me from paralysis, head bleed, or death. So thankful.  
Daniel Schaaf MAP
2017-11-03 Velo Vets 31.3 13.7 653
Rode from White Rock Lake over to and across the new Mockingbird Bridge and stopped off at a doughnut shop for a bite to eat and some coffee before retracing back the way we had come.
BIKE: Neuvation road bike; start time: 8:37; end: 11:34; avg:13.7; max: 22.9; climb: 653; miles: 31.29
CLOUDY, MISTY; wind: NE 8; start temp: 57; min: 52; avg: 55; max: 57; end: 55
Nadia McInnis
2017-11-03 Solita on the Trail 12.0 0.0 0
I wanted to do a longer ride but emails kept me from enjoying the day.  
Daniel Schaaf MAP
2017-11-02 3 Mesquite /Sunnyvale ride 20.2 16.5 548
Last one of these this year - barely worth going today because of such limited time of daylight. We lose an hour Sunday, so unless anyone is doing night rides going forward, then it is done.
BIKE: Neuvation road bike; start time: 17:25; end: 18:42; avg:16.5; max: 31.5; climb: 548; miles: 20.15
SUNNY; wind: SE 15; start temp: 82; min: 77; avg: 80; max: 84; end: 77
Daniel Schaaf
2017-11-02 3 Clown Ride 53.3 17.0 561
Had to be in Rockwall by 2 PM so didn't have unlimited time. But with yesterday's day off the bike, I felt really good. So had a good ride and rode most of it in the big ring, this time.
BIKE: catrike 700; start time: 08:23; end: 12:04; avg:17; max: 25.1; climb: 561; miles: 53.33
PARTLY CLOUDY; wind: S 10; start temp: 64; min: 63; avg: 70; max: 84; end: 77
Nadia McInnis
2017-11-02 My first paceline ride!! 30.0 15.4 0
I'm not sure if that's technically what someone would say but I'm still saying it.
It was a bit unsettiling but I made it. Jerry even told me to slow down a few times. I was still wired from all the Halloween candy so my energy level was up there.
Pro - it was fun.
Con - I didn't get a chance to talk.
Pro - I wasn't tired at the end of the ride.
Con - I didn't get a chance to talk.
Pro - Everyone rode safely and we made it work very well.
Con - It ended too soon and I didn't get a chance to talk.
Nadia McInnis
2017-11-01 After the candy 12.0 0.0 0
Favorite candy: Hands down, chocolate. Preferably dark chocolate, 65%.
Favorite fall food: Jalapeño cornbread w/chili
Favorite bubbly drink: Dr.Pepper. Non-bubbly: Unsweet tea.
Favorite dip: Guacamole with green salsa.
Favorite antacid: Tums, the berry kind.
Mr. Springsteen and all the food above kept me company today on a beautiful trail ride.
Nadia McInnis
2017-10-31 Before the candy 12.0 0.0 0
I was ready to join the Tuesday morning group when I realized I had a lot to do before 2 p.m. So, I got lazy and rode the standard 12 miles.  
Daniel Schaaf MAP
2017-10-31 2 Clown Ride 71.6 15.4 781
My legs were toast after a hard 200k followed by a semi-hard 100k. But I wanted to finish out October with another shot at a 1400 mile month so I decided to ride at WRL but take it easy. After yesterday's ride I used the foam roller and did 160 reps on my quads. Did the same thing again this morning. At the lake, I started with 2 laps without a break taking it very easy and leaving it in the middle ring. I had a 15.1 avg after 2 laps. I did 2 more laps without a break but picked it up a little and still in the middle ring. Now the avg was 15.4, meaning I'd avg'd 15.7 on the second pair of laps. The plan was 5 laps which would put me over 1400 miles for the month. But then Bob mentioned he was thinking about going up the trail. If he did, I would go too. So we went up the trail and that added 18 miles to what I thought I would get for the day. Ended up with 71.6 miles which put me well over 1400 miles for the month and over 12400 miles for the year. Sunday's ride on the road bike woke up my saddle sore. Monday's ride on the road bike made it angry! 71 miles on the trike was just what the doctor ordered!
BIKE: catrike 700; start time: 08:27; end: 13:54; avg:15.4; max: 27.5; climb: 781; miles: 71.62
MOSTLY CLOUDY; wind: NE 10-0; start temp: 48; min: 46; avg: 54; max: 64; end: 55
Daniel Schaaf MAP
2017-10-30 1 Best Day Ever 100k 62.6 15.8 2,208
I knew a cold front was coming in today. I didn't expect it to arrive in the middle of our northbound ride from Mckinney to Tom Bean. But it did and neither of us liked the resulting headwind with 15 miles to go. After yesterday's 200k, doing a 100k today proved to be harder than expected and the north wind didn't help. Fortunately, there was then a tailwind when we left Tom Bean for Mckinney. No complaints then!
BIKE: Neuvation road bike; start time: 10:39; end: 17:22; avg:15.8; max: 33.5; climb: 2208; miles: 62.58
SUNNY; wind: NW 3-16; start temp: 59; min: 57; avg: 70; max: 77; end: 77
Daniel Schaaf MAP
2017-10-29 Blurox 200k 125.6 16.5 4,226
This is my first 100+ mile ride since Oct 5th and longest since Oct 2nd. It was arguably just as difficult as that one on Oct 2nd although being a circular route, I didn't have headwind for the whole thing. Today I had headwind for only 55 miles - the last 55 miles. I had tailwind for the first 55 miles and all the rest was crosswind. Today's ride had much rougher roads than the one on Oct 2nd, especially during the headwind part. That's what made it tough. I've done this ride numerous times and each time I had a different kind of challenge. The challenge today aside from the wind was doing it solo - much harder to be motivated to doing a ride like this when you aren't meeting someone at the ride start. I ended up with a later start than planned because of that. But that was for the best. While driving up to Blue Ridge this morning, twilight revealed what looked like a winter wonderland and the car thermometer registered a low of 34. The area was covered in a heavy frost. Fortunately, the sun came up and quickly melted that and the temperature rose quickly as well - up to 39 by the time I got underway. It didn't even feel particularly cold. I wore no winter headgear and no winter gloves. Had a longsleeve jersey over my short sleeve one and a windbreaker over that. The windbreaker came off after 11 miles and the LS jersey came off after 54 miles. It could have come off sooner - I just didn't want to stop. The ride was successful in that I finished with plenty of time left and before it got dark and an elapsed time under 9 hours. For me that's always a litmus test for success doing one of these. Oh, one other thing - 13 dog encounters today! Usually I see no dogs; occasionally I see one. But 13?
BIKE: Neuvation road bike; start time: 8:35; end: 17:22; avg:16.5; max: 30.3; climb: 4226; miles: 125.6
SUNNY; wind: WSW 4-10; start temp: 39; min: 39; avg: 64; max: 77; end: 70
Analyn Urpi
2017-10-28 Trick It Up Ride Cut Short - Broken Left Shifter Cable 51.4 14.7 1,805
Rode part of the way with Joe Rosario until left shifter cable broke. Asked him to keep going since I could not go very fast. 
Daniel Schaaf MAP
2017-10-28 Saturday Eastside2 Eastside Ride to Allen 33.2 13.6 725
It was a chilly start but not very uncomfortable since the sun was out and the NW wind was not very strong. Joined Bob M and Ferd and started off wearing 2 long-sleeve tops. Several miles before the turn back point I was already too hot. Removed one of the tops at the rest stop before heading back south. The temperature was perfect and the tailwind helpful. After a discussion at the corner of Dublin and Betsy about what mileage we would end up with if we went straight back, I thought ending with 30 to 35 miles would be preferable to ending with less than 30 miles. We turned left on Betsy, south on Heritage, and worked our way down to Renner for a somewhat roundabout return to PCF. Didn't want to overdo it today so 33 miles was just fine for wrapping up the trike ride.
BIKE: catrike 700; start time: 9:38; end: 12:47; avg:13.6; max: 24.6; climb: 725; miles: 33.16
SUNNY; wind: NW 9-12; start temp: 43; min: 43; avg: 52; max: 60; end: 60
Daniel Schaaf
2017-10-26 2 Clown Ride 48.3 16.7 561
After breakfast at Barbecs, it was very windy and not too conducive for extended mileage. I did a solo lap as I didn't want to wait for others to be ready and knew it could take awhile. When I finished lap 1 I turned around in search of Larry and Bob. I found them about 3 miles back toward the north end of the lake and turned back to ride with them when I saw them. I ended up doing 3 more laps and I thought I might do more miles but after 4½ laps I was ready to pack it in especially since Bob wasn't up for a run up the trail. Had planned to do Mesquite, later, but my afternoon nap took on a life of its own and I ended up sleeping too long. But I'm no longer in training for anything so not really too motivated for the now short rides from Poteet, anyway.
BIKE: catrike 700; start time: 8:46; end: 13:24; avg:16.7; max: 26.7; climb: 633; miles: 48.34
SUNNY; wind: SW 5-19; start temp: 54; min: 54; avg: 67; max: 84; end: 79
Ivars Circenis
2017-10-28 Saturday DB1 Up around Celina and back 52.1 18.7 1,319
9 riders who all pace lined well together. Thanks for leading Brian! 
Jeremy Matthews MAP
2017-10-28 Saturday DB Lite DBLite to Celina + commute 58.1 15.9 0
Chilly morning but everyone seemed well layered for it. A later start at 9 which was appreciated. The wind fight made it slow going on the way out. The group split into faster and slower groups on the return. Rode with Ron Shome's faster group for a relatively
rollicking ride back with the wind. Thanks Ron!
Nadia McInnis
2017-10-28 Saturday Novice The Oh So Cold Weather 17.0 11.0 0
I woke up this morning realizing that it would be my last time leading this year and that energy kept me going the whole morning. Yes me, the girl who wears sweaters in 78 degree weather! I was surprised at how "comfortable" I was in the blasted cold. Then again, I was wearing 5 layers on top, 2 on the bottom, two pairs of socks, a pair of fancy gloves, and a new balaclava that I got for my bday. So, I was pretty well dressed for the ride. The group started with 7 but before we left the parking lot someone decided to go with a ride at 9:30. For me, 35 degrees=45 degrees. I still would have worn the same amount of clothing so waiting an hour to start the ride wasn't practical. Besides, the group wanted to get the legs moving so that we'd warm up. The break made a HUGE difference for the second part of the ride. In the end, we all had a fantastic time and even sat outside at Starbucks to talk about cycling, crafts, kids, money, and life. Thank you all!  
Nadia McInnis
2017-10-26 Blue Backdrop 12.0 0.0 0
My standard solo 12 mile ride. Today, however, I was distracted by the sky's beautiful shade of blue. The trees in the foreground looked more beautiful than ever. The tune in my ear also helped brighten the day.  
Daniel Schaaf MAP
2017-10-24 1 Murphy /White Rock Lake ride 63.2 15.2 1,296
Rode with Doug from Murphy down to White Rock Lake, Sunset Bay, to meet up with the Clowns. After some waiting, they showed up and we chatted awhile. Once we left Sunset Bay. Doug, on his DFxl Velomobile sped away and waited for me at the NW end of the lake. After that we rode up the trail more or less matching pace to the north end of the trail at the parking lot before continuing on up Peyton, Meandering, and heading east on Frankford and later on Renner. By then the NW wind had really picked up and we sailed down those roads at 25 to 29 mph. Doug was taking it easy on his Velomobile so I could keep up on my trike. 25 to 29 on the trike, is not too shabby. With the wind it was either feast or famine - 25 mph or 10 mph. It was fun when the wind was behind us; not so much otherwise. But it was a good day to be out on a bike or trike.
BIKE: catrike 700; start time: 8:32; end: 14:25; avg:15.2; max: 29.6; climb: 1296; miles: 63.2
SUNNY; wind: NW 9-25; start temp: 52; min: 52; avg: 67; max: 79; end: 71
Daniel Schaaf MAP
2017-10-23 1 Garland /Sunnyvale ride 29.2 14.4 794
Jenny invited me to come ride with her this evening so we did a run down to Sunnyvale from her house in Garland. We went out Barnes Bridge and down the usual way to Hwy 80. We didn't cross 80 but came back to her place the same way we went down. I was on the trike. There is quite a bit of steep climbing riding from Garland and taking the bike path to Barnes Bridge. Coming back on Barnes Bridge adds climbing as well. On the trike, that climbing is a real slowdown as the climbs are kind of long and there is little opportunity to use momentum.
BIKE: catrike 700; start time: 17:03; end: 18:57; avg:14.4; max: 31.7; climb: 794; miles: 29.17
HIGH CLOUDS; wind: E 7; start temp: 75; min: 61; avg: 70; max: 79; end: 62
Nadia McInnis
2017-10-24 Windy October Day 18.8 0.0 0
Rode to the corner of Park and Preston for lunch with a special someone. Then, I rode back. I'm not sure how I'm going to make it 400 miles on my own if I can't go 18 miles in silence. The wind was there to keep me company though. That's always a good thing, right? 
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