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Daniel Schaaf MAP
2018-01-22 1 Murphy to PCF & a roundabout way back 21.0 15.3 459
Tough west wind today - velomobile handles a strong headwind well. We had limited time and thought about going north first. But that wind would have been tough as a crosswind. Crosswind really moves the VM around as it is relatively light and has a big surface area. Ultimately we headed west to PCF. I needed to buy some road shoes. That done, we headed back east and did a couple loops to the east of McCreary and south and north of McMillen. before making our way back across Murphy Rd and back to Doug's shack. These short rides are good training for handling the VM and while they are pretty slow paced at times the practice will pay off in the long run.
bike: DFxl; start time: 13:49; end: 16:42; avg:15.3; max: 34.9; climb: 459; miles: 21.02
SUNNY; wind: WNW 13-28; start temp: 59; min: 55; avg: 60; max: 66; end: 59
Daniel Schaaf MAP
2018-01-20 1 Murphy to Bike Mart & back 31.6 15.2 807
After another seat and bottom bracket adjustment, it seemed as though all problems were solved. So we set out to ride to RBM and perhaps get about 40 miles. Not far into the ride, I had a major mechanical - a tangled chain. That took 23 minutes to resolve and resume the ride. We then had a purpose for riding to RBM - needed a tool to adjust the high limit on the front derailleur. we arrived at RBM and took 28 minutes to remove the cover, turn the screw a quarter turn, replace the cover, and field questions from curious passersby. Finally, back in business, we were a little short on time so we headed straight back. I know now that getting up to speed and distance on the VM will take some time!
Daniel Schaaf
2018-01-19 1 Maiden voyage & Dial-in, in-process… 12.0 14.0 162
Setup, adjust, test ride, adjust, test ride, repeat.  It's a DF Velomobile manufactured by Inter City Bike in Dronten Netherlands. It's named after the designer, Daniel Fenn. There are 21 of these in the US and 5 of those are in Texas. (There are others of different manufactureres as well - probably many more than 21.) Mine is the XL version (extra long) and is number 166 of that version. There are at least that many of the DF version. The colors I chose are unique - not one other has the yellow/lime green combination. I was going for visibility!
Nadia McInnis
2018-01-21 Fun end to a stressful ride 22.4 0.0 0
Today's ride was anything but relaxing. I kept a pretty strong hold on the handlebars for most of the ride. There were a lot of folks on the trail but two extremely happy cyclists caught my attention. Gray skies above and they were smiling like it was sunny and bright. I'm not sure what they're taking but I need some of that.
The fun part was at the end when I got home. I was cleaning my bike when the neighbor drove by. Apparently, she was learning how to drive standard and I got so excited that I asked permission to take a turn about the alley. So, in full on cycling gear I jumped into a fancy car and started driving. Kidding. I killed the engine about six times before I even got moving. The last time I drove a standard was in college and I figured that it would be like riding a bike, right? Nope. Thankfully, the guy is pretty chill. I'll stick to riding my bike for now. :)
Eric Smernoff
2018-01-20 Saturday OAS Lite 52.2 19.1 0
Great to have Yimmy back in the pack, thanks for a great route with the wind Jimmy. Very civil ride today, just what the legs needed! 
Ivars Circenis
2018-01-20 Saturday OAS Lite SE to Rowlett 56.0 18.7 1,503
Great ride today. Thanks Eric & Jimmy for leading! 
Daniel Schaaf
2018-01-17 Lake Laps 45.7 15.4 643
Yesterday I walked 3 miles in my neighborhood in the wind and mid-20s temperature. I didn't think it felt that bad. So I decided that today it shouldn't feel that bad to ride the bike as it should be milder and less windy. I went down to the lake with my trike and decided if I rode a lap and it was too uncomfortable, I could easily bale, and go home. As it turns out, the biggest discomfort I had was wearing a windbreaker. After a lap I zipped it down. After 2 laps I took it off. That left my 3 LS jerseys. Those 3 layers were all I needed. The best thing about it is that I got a decent ride despite chilly conditions I previously thought would rule it out. So a win-win!
bike: Catrike 700; start time: 12:04; end: 15:13; avg:15.4; max: 25.4; climb: 643; miles: 45.7
SUNNY; wind: SW 4; start temp: 32; min: 28; avg: 34; max: 37; end: 36
Daniel Schaaf MAP
2018-01-15 Garland/Mesquite/Sunnyvale 42.5 15.5 1,450
Planned to get a ride in today ahead of the next big cold front, which promises to keep me off the bike at least until Thursday. I waited around for it to warm up a little but by the time I got out there, it was in the mid 50s. There was full sun, too, with light to moderate SW wind. But I'd waited a good hour too late as it actually felt balmy out there. The cold front was expected to come in by 3 PM so it caused me to have to "short" my ride. I did however finish before the front arrived, but just! I aborted my plan to go back to White Rock Lake as I had the road bike in the car. I don't care for riding the road bike at the lake, so that prompted me to change plans. It worked out well, though, as I got a decent ride and more climbing than I would have at the lake!
bike: Neuvation Road Bike; start time: 11:45; end: 14:34; avg:15.5; max: 30.6; climb: 1450; miles: 42.47
SUNNY, becoming cloudy; wind: SW 10-16; start temp: 55; min: 54; avg: 58; max: 61; end: 54
Eric Smernoff
2018-01-15 Jimmy's MLK ride 46.9 20.2 0
14 peeps, good pace line, really nice ride. Good to see Bill. Thanks Jimmy! 
James Benning MAP
2018-01-14 1 Forest Row 73.0 13.6 4,531
Wind: NE 5
Temp: start/end 39/39
Time: start/end 10:29/16:56
Bike: Gios Megalite
Route: Forest Row direct, home direct but via Ringmer
Refreshments: Costa Coffee Forest Row
Weather: Mainly sunny, dry and feeling raw.
Comments: Winter riding days don’t get much better than this, Some welcome sunshine, mainly dry roads and a raw north-east wind – a real blow the cobwebs away ride! Chemical warmers essential!
It was a late start so I had to ride direct to our coffee stop for a 1.00pm rendezvous with Assos Dave. We arrived simultaneously at 12:55 – so pretty good planning on both our behalves.
The coffees and cheese and tomato toasties went down well. I was up for another coffee but time was short and in any case the second cup never hits the spot like the first one – right?
With time against us it was a direct route home although I still managed to get the Ringmer loop in. We have another 30 minutes of daylight now – most welcome!
73 miles was certainly enough mileage for the conditions. An awesome day on the bike!

Daniel Schaaf MAP
2018-01-14 8 Maypearl Metric 100k 63.0 15.3 2,451
A cold start to the day, in the 20s but a big warm up thanks to bright sun and a south wind gave great incentive to go do this ride. It was nearly an hour drive but worth it today to have a group to ride with in some fresh scenery. Although I've been doing LSR rides since 2004, I had never done this ride. So it truly was fresh scenery. Despite the big warm up, it was still a brisk start. However, a big climb starting within the first 4 miles warmed me up and I had no more feelings of being chilly - I was toasty warm after that climb, and that was reinforced by several long or steep climbs on the way to Maypearl. On the way back, we had more of the same but with a nice tailwind then. The ride started at Joe Poole Lake and went south over very lumpy terrain to Maypearl. The return from Maypearl was equally lumpy but a nice tailwind helped. All in all a great ride capped by a nice Catfish dinner at the nearby Oasis Restaurant with the group!
bike: Neuvation Road Bike; start time: 10:31; end: 15:05; avg:15.3; max: 33.1; climb: 2451; miles: 63.02
SUNNY; wind: SE 10; start temp: 41; min: 41; avg: 48; max: 54; end: 52
Mike Emmons
2018-01-14 White Rock Lake with Tenny-B 0.0 14.4 1,178
Rode to RBM and met Mike Tenbusch for a ride down to White Rock Lake. It was pretty chilly at the start and my legs were dead. We rode fairly easy and by the time we reached Meandering Way on the way down, I felt OK. One loop of the lake and back to RBM. I rode home from there with a light tail wind and picked up the pace a little. 
Mike Emmons
2018-01-07 Sunday Caffeine Cruise Caffeine Cruise + Windhaven and commute 30.2 12.9 620
Cool and Windy; Rode Windhaven with Ted during the break and then rode hard until we caught the group just after Legacy. Trek 560 EX 
Mike Emmons
2018-01-06 Saturday Fast Forty Steady ride 48.2 16.0 1,371
I was OK unless the road even looked like it tilted upwards. Dropped off on Watters before McDermott. I felt pretty good but not riding since Thanksgiving and doing absolutely nothing in between made the hard efforts hurt. Now to get another ride in tomorrow to stay on track. Trek Emonda 
Eric Smernoff
2018-01-14 Sat/Sun OAS Unofficial OAS 41.5 19.3 0
18 in the group, solid pace line out and back, and a social pace. Thanks everyone, nice ride.  
Nadia McInnis
2018-01-14 Twenty-nine on the Trail 29.9 0.0 0
I was hoping for 12 simple miles but somehow got talked into doing 30. Well, 29.9 to be exact. My homemade meatloaf didn't settle well with me last night so I was in pain for most of the ride. I also missed riding with Jerry. Solo on the trail with the Ipod and the occasional walker/runner/cyclist kept me company.  
Eric Smernoff
2018-01-14 Saturday OAS Lite North and South 27.0 18.5 0
Great to be on the bike again. Nice group of 9! Thanks Jimmy!! 
Nadia McInnis
2018-01-13 The lonely, cold ride 19.4 0.0 0
It's not that's not that's not that's not that cold...Mother of heaven and's not that's not that's not that cold...What the heck is this runner doing with shorts on?'s not that's not that cold... Another runner in shorts? What the?'s not that's not that cold...Rethinking the whole Antarctica's not that's not that's not that's not that cold...Oh my word when will this end?...(1.5 hours later)...Yay! I made it home alive. :) (I know, so dramatic)
Daniel Schaaf
2018-01-11 3 Clown Ride 53.9 15.2 758
Much nicer day than Tuesday or Wednesday. But the fly in the ointment is the strong, approaching cold front. So I got an early start, completed 2 laps before breakfast with the Clowns. Then did 3 more laps after breakfast. Wind was South about 10 before breakfast. By the first after breakfast lap, the wind was SW about 15. Rode with Bob and Jay. The next lap the wind had shifted to the west at about 20 and the temperature started dropping. Rode that lap with Bob. By the last lap, which i did solo, the wind had shifted to the NW and had then picked up to about 25. There were pronounced white caps on the lake and in places the crosswind was fierce. But balance is never an issue on the recumbent trike - the perfect conveyance for such conditions.
bike: Catrike 700; start time: 07:33; end: 12:33; avg:15.2; max: 24.6; climb: 758; miles: 53.89
cloudy, then partly sunny; wind: NW 18-25; start temp: 52; min: 50; avg: 54; max: 59; end: 50
Daniel Schaaf
2018-01-09 4 Clown Ride 60.7 14.9 853
This was a generally crummy day - foggy and misty, much colder than expected, and the cold lasted for the duration of the ride. I rode 2 laps+ before breakfast. Then, because it was too cold to stand around I did another lap straight after breakfast. I had to make a phone call after that lap, then chatted with some who were just leaving, and started another lap in the opposite direction of normal to find Larry and Bob, at which point I u-turned. The next lap, I rode with Bob, and the final lap I rode with Larry. By that time, everyone else had gone home. I made my objective for the day but ignoring the chill and getting it done was the challenge of the day!
bike: Catrike 700; start time: 07:16; end: 14:16; avg:14.9; max: 25; climb: 853; miles: 60.66
fog, mist, overcast; wind: SE 9 - 11; start temp: 37; min: 36; avg: 40; max: 46; end: 43
James Benning MAP
2018-01-09 2 Uckfield Loop 63.0 12.9 4,718
Wind: NE 5
Temp: start/end 39/41
Time: start/end 08:17/15:09
Bike: Gios Megalite
Route: Uckfield, semi-hilly to Forest Row, direct to Offham, then direct to Uckfield!
Refreshments: Costa Coffee Forest Row and Offham Farm Shop
Weather: Overcast, dry and chilly.
Comments: My first ride in a fortnight although it seemed longer than that. This was probably down to relentless rainy and/or windy days which have made cycling a no-go. Then when we do get an odd sunny day it’s too frosty or icy to go out. Very frustrating!
Today made up for the recent frustration with the weather permitting a very enjoyable ride albeit a short one. It was a very grey day, but dry with hardly any wind, although it was a chilly one with the north-east wind still a lingering presence.
It was a chemical warmers day for feet and hands plus I wore a gilet over my winter gear. I felt good apart from the legs complaining on the hills. I was kind of expecting that though with 33 miles of running since Thursday.
I had to drop the car off for a service in Uckfield, hence the loop and a comparatively early start. The plan was to ride to Forest Row for breakfast and get some hills in, then meet up with the Assos Boyz for lunch at Offham Farm Shop.
Well after an awesome melt and cappuccino at Costa and relatively little mileage between there and Offham I wasn’t hungry enough for anything major, so settled for two pots of tea and business flapjack. Then we noodled back to Uckfield for an early finish. That was ok though as I got back to Seaford before rush-hour.
It was good to see the Assos Boyz out again and seemingly riding strongly too after their recent lay-off!
Daniel Schaaf MAP
2018-01-08 VELO VETS 40.6 15.6 571
Skipped a Sunday ride because it was dreary and I wasn't in the mood. Rode today instead - beautiful day but didn't enjoy the wind except when I was going south! Velo Vets provides an opportunity to do a ride with others and enjoy some conversation. Every once in awhile I take advantage of that.
bike: Neuvation Road Bike; start time: 09:30; end: 12:45; avg:15.6; max: 26.6; climb: 571; miles: 40.59
sunny; wind: N 15; start temp: 45; min: 43; avg: 51; max: 55; end: 55
Jeremy Matthews
2018-01-07 Sunday afternoon ride 23.2 16.0 0
First ride of the year. Fairly balmly in the 50s compared to a week ago. Felt a light mist at times, but glad to get done before the forecasted rain. 
Scott Gooding
2018-01-06 Saturday DB222 DB2 + Commute 62.7 16.0 1,834
Thanks, Andreas. 
Daniel Schaaf MAP
2018-01-06 5 The Doctor's Daughter 100k+ commute 71.6 14.4 2,411
Commuted to the start point with Karen and we were ready to go when 7:30, the official start time, was reached. Unfortunately, the pace was agonizingly slow. If I'd ridden my trike, I could have kept up! This one goes from Arlington to Venus and back - a mostly out and back route. Got bonus miles twice, resulting in 1.7 extra miles. Didn't wear a wind breaker - just my usual SS jersey with 3 LS jerseys on top. It was chilly - in the 30s and 40s for all of the outbound portion of the ride. Should have worn a windbreaker! The first part of the inbound was also chilly. That made the slow pace all the more uncomfortable as it was impossible to warm up adequately. But lunch with Karen at a Russian restaurant in Arlington, afterwards, made up for it - the stuffed meatloaf, Russian style sauerkraut, and Baltic Porter made it all worthwhile!
bike: Neuvation Road Bike; start time: 06:52; end: 12:56; avg:14.4; max: 32.7; climb: 2411; miles: 71.6
mostly sunny; wind: S 4 - 15; start temp: 41; min: 34; avg: 45; max: 59; end: 55
Nadia McInnis
2018-01-06 Saturday Step-up World Travelers 33.6 13.3 937
Joined the Step-Up group today with Jeff, John, and Martha. It's amazing how fast you get to know folks in 33 miles. I wore the right amount of clothes this time! Jerry helped me out by lending me a cap at the beginning of the ride, which I returned at the rest stop. We also didn't ride too fast so that allowed us to get to know each other a lot better. Jeff, the New Jerseyan, and I talked about possibly helping out to lead throughout the year. John and I talked about our world travels. [I'll catch up to you one of these days. You've got a few years on me.] And Martha is from the beautiful city of Monterrey, Mexico (my mother's land). So many wonderful folks in PBA!
The weather - at the start - 30 (that's what it felt like); at the end - 50ish.
Nadia McInnis
2018-01-05 Girl's Ride with Candance 20.0 11.3 480
I met up with Candance today for a stroll around town. We talked a lot about life and our future plans. Mine include riding in Arizona, South Carolina, and maybe a few northern states. Judging by today's ride I have a lot of work to do. I couldn't get the a right feel for the weather so I overdressed. I was so hot at one point that I stopped to rest on a bench for about 10 minutes. What I wore: 3 top layers and a windbreaker; two bottom layers; two pairs of socks; and my thick pair of gloves. The wrong attire for today. 40 degrees at the start, 55 degrees at the end.  
Daniel Schaaf
2018-01-04 Clown Ride of 1 53.3 15.8 750
Went to Barbec's this morning dressed to ride but feeling like it would be unlikely I would actually ride. It was in the mid 20s when I left the house for Barbec's. Got there and joined Jay, Johnny, and Kenny. After breakfast Dean Wilkinson joined us - he had been over by the bar, and we chatted until about 10:00 AM. The rest of the group had gone by then. Finally I'd gone out to get to the car and and chatted with Kenny awhile as he was just leaving, too. I noticed that the air felt warmish and the wind was just about calm. I decided that since I was right by the lake, and I had cycling clothes on underneath my levis that I would just go on down to the lake and do a couple laps, because as I mentioned, I was there, and it was comfortably above freezing by then. Got over to the lake, parked, finished getting ready to ride, and got under way. I'd gotten over to the rail trail and was about half way up that when I heard a big bang. I thought I must have blown a tire! Pulled over and parked it but the front tires were obviously still holding air so I reached around and felt the back tire. Then I turned around and looked at it - whatever that big bang was, it wasn't from my tires. They were all holding air just fine. The funny thing is, there was not another bike in sight, in either direction. That was a big mystery. Excitement over, I went on to complete 5 laps. It was a perfect winter day to ride!
bike: Catrike 700; start time: 10:55; end: 14:51; avg:15.8; max: 27.2; climb: 750; miles: 53.34
mostly sunny; wind: E 3 - 5; start temp: 41; min: 39; avg: 45; max: 50; end: 46
Nadia McInnis
2018-01-01 The 7th Continent 4.2 7.0 127
We all have an idea of what cold really is. For me, it's anything below 76 in the summer and anything in the 40's during the winter. I've never skied but I imagine that people are out there in blasted cold winter days. So, today's ride was an attempt at acclimating myself to colder temperatures. After all, I'll be in Antarctica within a year and if I can't bike in 20 degree weather, then I certainly won't be able to walk in it either.  
Scott Gooding
2017-12-30 Saturday DB1Solo Drizzly solo 32.1 15.0 1,055
DB1 cancelled at the lot. 
Jeremy Matthews
2017-12-30 Cold but dry afternoon ride to break 1,000 23.2 15.0 0
Started out pedaling to the lot for DB Lite, but a light drizzle had started. The roads had gotten wet and wasn't gonna ride on them. Soon I turned around and instead drove to Starbucks and had fun hanging out with the PBA crew. Inside, It felt like a ski lodge with everyone in their winter gear. A well spent 90 minutes!

Later on was happy to see the roads had dried. Had to get out to break a 1,000 for the year, and that I did just barely. A light year this year.

Happy and Safe New Year everyone!
Daniel Schaaf MAP
2017-12-30 1 Eastside Ride 27.2 13.5 630
Sent Ferd a text this morning - "are you planning to ride?" "Yes, see you there" was the reply. A few minutes later Ferd texted back - "Having second thoughts. It's misting here. Let's see if it continues". At 8:45 I texted "I'm leaving for PCF now"; his reply "I'll be leaving in a few". And with that, I drove up to PCF, parked, leaned back and rested my eyes. Ferd arrived and walked over to my window, which I lowered, and I said - "looks like we're it, unless Bob arrives". Bob didn't arrive but Ferd and I decided to do a ride. We took our usual route with a north wind, going north as far as the convenience store stop on Main in Allen. Roads were very wet at times; at other times the roads were dry. It didn't mist on us but some of the areas were very wet, as if it had misted heavily just before we got there. We decided to make it a short ride. So we turned back from Main St, back down Allen Heights, over to Dublin and down to Park. From there we took our usual direct route back to PCF and called it a day. Then we met up at Potbelly's for lunch. Glad I got out - the temperature wasn't bad, there wasn't much wind, it didn't rain. and I didn't have hotfoot!
BIKE: catrike 700; start time: 09:38; end: 13:21; avg:13.5; max: 26.4; climb: 630; miles: 27.22
CLOUDY & drizzle; wind: NE 7-13; start temp: 43; min: 37; avg: 40; max: 43; end: 41
Ivars Circenis
2017-12-29 Friday West side ride 48.4 18.2 1,234
I reached my goal of 7K miles for 2017. Was hoping to get in another ride on Satruday 12/30 morning, however the fog drizzle created wet road conditions. Most everyone bailed at the parking lot. Best wishes to all for a healthy, prosperous New Year in 2018!! 
Daniel Schaaf MAP
2017-12-28 2 Clown Ride 54.0 14.7 696
Not many clowns dressed to ride this morning for some odd reason...
Didn't look like a great day to ride - chill in the 30s and cloudy, but woke this morning and it wasn't below freezing so that was the deciding factor. Got down to the lake and did 2 laps before breakfast. Then had a leisurely breakfast at Barbec's - 8 there but only 3 of us ready to ride, and of those 3, only one hadn't ridden at least a lap. With very light wind, which decreased to no wind by 10 AM, it wasn't very uncomfortable so that encouraged me to do more. I also had an errand to run, which added 4 miles to my total. All in all, a satisfying total for the day and because I rode with Bob and Larry for nearly half of it, a very relaxed pace. I was dressed well - no overheating or excessive chill!
BIKE: catrike 700; start time: 07:19; end: 13:21; avg:14.7; max: 24.2; climb: 696; miles: 54.03
CLOUDY; wind: SE 5; start temp: 32; min: 32; avg: 34; max: 39; end: 36
Daniel Schaaf MAP
2017-12-25 WRL ride 51.0 15.6 764
Decided to brave the chill & get a ride in this morning as tomorrow doesn't look promising. It really wasn't that cold out there but a little sun (promised by the weather liars) would have helped. Wind picked up as I rode but that wasn't bad either. Did a little more than I actually wanted to do to make sure I was over the top on my goal for the year, which was to exceed the second best mileage I'd ever done. The best was way out of reach! The target was 14153 miles set back in 2005. So I accomplished that on a day that might still have been the best day of the week, to do it, despite the chill and the clouds. Now i can relax - whatever I get for the rest of the week will be gravy!
BIKE: catrike 700; start time: 09:38; end: 12:57; avg:15.6; max: 24.9; climb: 764; miles: 51.02
CLOUDY; wind: E 10; start temp: 34; min: 32; avg: 37; max: 41; end: 39
James Benning MAP
2017-12-24 Forest Row 74.0 13.7 4,672
Wind: SW 10-20
Temp: start/end 46/45
Time: start/end 09:29/15:55
Bike: Gios Megalite
Route: Forest Row Direct, Horsted Keynes, Isfield, Ringmer detour and C7 home
Refreshments: Costa Coffee Forest Row
Weather: Dull and drizzly, wind increasing
Comments: The weather wasn’t enticing me to get out there today. What was, however, was it was now three weeks since my last ride, football and frosty weather being the chief culprits for lack of activity. Still at least I had got plenty of running in and that is good alternative exercise. Hopefully I wouldn’t feel too much of a slouch.
The drizzle was meant to be confined mainly to coastal areas. It delayed me 30 minutes as it was heavy but once it had eased I was off. With a late start it was straight to Forest Row for lunch with no deviations from my direct route. The drizzle did clear north of the Downs but reappeared on the top of the Forest. That was ok though.
Costa Coffee was reasonably quiet and I enjoyed my melt and coffee. I had made good time reaching there for 12.00ish but I didn’t want to hang around as I wanted to get back to Lewes by 3.00pm. That would give me plenty of daylight to then negotiate the C7.
I figured I could still get Highbook in rather than the shorter way via Chilling Street and pop into the Bluebell to see what was going on. I was in luck as both the S15 and Camelot were at HK on their Santa Specials.
After Isfield I took a slightly different route to Ringmer as I became aware there were three or four loose horses trotting up the lane in the far distance. I did not want to get behind them and drive them on towards Ringmer and main roads so I detoured around them. There were people aware of the issue so that was good and I certainly did not want to interfere and make life more difficult for them as they tried to round them up.
By now the wind was getting up and the drizzle had reappeared so I pleased to reach Lewes and comparative shelter.
So a good ride and despite being Christmas Eve the lanes were quiet, it was the main roads which were busy. With crappy weather for the next couple of days I was glad I got out. The only downside is I now have one really crapped up bike to clean up as the lanes are caked in mud and gloop.

Eric Smernoff
2017-12-23 OASL/Fast40 41.5 19.0 0
Thanks to Greg for letting us tag along.  
Daniel Schaaf
2017-12-23 1 WRL RIDE 31.5 14.4 364
Had planned to do the Eastside Ride again as I had come in very late Friday night (actually Saturday morning) and knew it was unlikely I'd make any early ride. Set my alarm for 6 hours of sleep and woke up 5 min before it went off. It was a little on the chilly side this morning but I thought with full sunshine and light wind we should get a turnout of riders. I thought wrong. I was sitting in the parking lot at PCF. At 9:15 Ferd pulled in, got out of his car, walked over to mine and announced he was not planning to ride - too cold. Ferd was in his levi's so I knew it as he walked up to the car. Then Bob Millay arrived and he was ready to ride. But it was pretty chillly out, no better than mid 30s and I wasn't super motivated to do the normal north ride. So Bob and i decided to reconvene at White Rock Lake where I intended to do 3 laps. I seldom try to ride at the lake on a weekend but runners and cyclists were scarce at the lake so we had no interference from other users. I maintained an easy pace for 3 laps and Bob moderated his as well. The temperature in full sun felt more mellow than expected and the wind stayed light. It was actually pleasant as we rode around the lake 3 times.
BIKE: catrike 700; start time: 10:23; end: 13:57; avg:14.4; max: 26.8; climb: 364; miles: 31.49
SUNNY; wind: N 5; start temp: 41; min: 41; avg: 47; max: 55; end: 52
Daniel Schaaf MAP
2017-12-21 1 afternoon ride with Jenny 30.5 13.1 866
Started out with Jenny shortly after arriving at her condo. We planned on taking the bike trail along Oates to get started. Unfortunately the bike trail was closed as was all but one of the east bound lanes of Oates. We had no choice but to turn onto Oates and take the detour. I rode on the closed lane until our progress was blocked by a large pile of sand. Then we had to wait for a lot of traffic to go by before we could go around the pile. I stayed in the main lane after that, lest there be another big pile of sand. Jenny rode around the pile of sand and back into the closed lane. I had noticed a couple rectangles of fresh concrete in the closed lane. Jenny didn't. I heard a shriek behind me. It was Jenny, mired in the first rectangle of concrete. The workers across the road noticed her predicament and were not amused. She was apologizing to the workers, profusely, when I suggested we should just leave. I'm not sure the workers understood her but they could see what she had done and probably inferred some meaning. Then we headed along the way back to the continuation of the bike path and worked our way over to the I-30 Service Road sidewalk, which doubles as a bike path. That is a massive climb and as usual, I trailed Jenny. She was on her road bike and I on my trike. We got across the service roads and the interstate at Northwest Hwy and then the big descent heading east on the bike path. That descent simply sets up the need for another massive ascent to Barnes Bridge Rd. From there we took the usual route down to 80, which encompasses a few more massive climbs. There were a few fast descents as well. We checked the time at the south end of our route and realized we had no time to add more, so we headed back. I was determined not to take Oates again. After a false start that almost led us to be mired in mud, we did a detour on a nearby residential street, to get over to La Prada, so we could take O'Banion back to her neighborhood. It was 30 miles of adventure capped by Jenny coming out with a goody bag of home made chocolate and peanut butter fudge. The ride ended well!
BIKE: catrike 700; start time: 14:45; end: 17:28; avg:13.1; max: 30.9; climb: 866; miles: 30.45
PARTLY CLOUDY; wind: S 12; start temp: 70; min: 64; avg: 69; max: 77; end: 64
Daniel Schaaf MAP
2017-12-21 9 Clown Ride 54.9 14.4 879
I went from 5 layers on top for the first lap to 1 layer on top for the last 17 miles. It was a day of rapidly changing temperature and I was able to take full advantage, thanks to the 4 long sleeve jerseys I wore at the beginning with an underlying SS jersey. At the end, it was just the SS jersey. It was a good day to get over to the lake early and get 28 miles before breakfast. Then I did another lap after breakfast with a plan for 2 more laps. That didn't happen. I ended up being the pied piper for a group of mostly trikes to ride over to the new Mockingbird Suspension Bridge. The only caveat was that I needed to ride slowly as some of the group couldn't match my normal pace. So I kept it between 10 and 12 for the most part with frequent regroups. We turned back at McCommas Park. One of our group wanted to go over to the Katy Trail and i sort of agreed until I remembered I had an appt with Jenny for an afternoon ride. I didn't have time for the Katy Trail, unfortunately. So I turned back, with Larry, Bob, and Lynn. The others did other things. We lost Bob by the time we got back over to the lake (that may have been intentional on Bob's part). Then Larry, Lynn, and I headed down to THE LOT and got some lunch. We headed back to the parking lot the short way after that and I headed over to Garland for the "Jenny" ride just as Bob and the others were returning to Sunset Bay.
BIKE: catrike 700; start time: 07:01; end: 13:57; avg:14.4; max: 25.5; climb: 879; miles: 54.89
SUNNY; wind: S 4-11; start temp: 45; min: 39; avg: 55; max: 77; end: 75
Daniel Schaaf MAP
2017-12-18 1 Best Day Ever 101k 62.7 15.2 2,093
Cindy needed a 100k for her P12 and today was the agreed upon date. We were set to meet up at 8 but late the previous evening she shared that she had injured her ankle and that it was really hurting, interfering with being able to walk. This morning she was still hobbling so I agreed that perhaps we shouldn't attempt it today, or at least postpone it til later and see how it was. The ankle improved during the morning and Cindy set a new meet-up time of noon. At noon, the weather was barely better - at least the roads had dried. I arrived dressed warmly at the McKinney meet point but noticed to my chagrin that I had forgotten to put on leg warmers. I had my leg coolers on, which I usually put on as a base layer under the warmers because the layering increases the warmth. But as just coolers, I figured I'd be very cold. Fortunately, once we got underway, I was feeling very comfortable almost immediately. My legs never felt cold throughout the day except when we first left Tom Bean for the return trip. My upper body was chilled, too, as I had removed a layer and replaced my balaclava with my headband. But soon I'd become comfortable and all was good for the rest of the ride. It was a great winter-like day to be on the bike!
BIKE: Neuvation road bike; start time: 12:08; end: 17:16; avg:15.2; max: 34.4; climb: 2093; miles: 62.66
CLOUDY, misty; wind: S 8 ; start temp: 46; min: 45; avg: 47; max: 50; end: 45
Ivars Circenis
2017-12-17 Solo afternoon ride 31.2 18.6 902
OAS decided on a parking lot cancelation. So, I got in an afternoon ride. 
Analyn Urpi
2017-12-17 Angela Arnold's Birthday Ride 29.4 15.1 1,129
Hilly, but great ride. Rode around Flower Mound, Argyle. Had catered BBQ at lake. Fun time. 
Analyn Urpi
2017-12-16 PBA Tweeners + Commute 48.4 15.8 1,168
Had a flat and did not make DB Lite, so rode Tweeners since they started later.  
jordan rayboy
2017-12-16 Sat/Sun OAS OAS by mistake 56.0 18.5 1,977
Rode to the ride start expecting to do DB1 and continue building my fitness back after a long period off the bike. Arrived about 753am to a nearly empty parking lot...uhhh...only group I see says they are OAS. They tell me every other group moved back to a 9am start, didn't I check the forum on the website? Uhhh...rookie mistake I guess. Choice A- ride in circles for an hour and wait for DB1. Choice B- suffer my face off and try and hang onto OAS. Since suffering is the path to fitness in my book, chose B.

The group was heading to Celina via McKinney for a 56 mile loop. Great people on this ride, smooth pace-line. Was doing fine until we hit some serious rollers about 30 miles in. Got dropped for a mile but everyone regrouped at a stop sign. The 7-11 rest stop couldn't come soon enough. Gary even bought me a gatorade.

Fortunately the 20 miles back to the start into a headwind was pretty smooth rotating again by everyone. When we got finished, almost couldn't believe it when I found out that just about everyone on this ride was from 50-70 yrs old. At 37 y.o., I screwed up the average. That said, these people were smokin fast! Was a good day of growth, met some new friends, and look forward to riding OAS again- next time, on purpose.
Daniel Schaaf MAP
2017-12-16 6 Eastside Ride + 49.3 13.1 1,234
Decided to do the Eastside Ride again, second week in a row. Started with Doug from his house and we stopped by McDonald's for a bite to eat before heading over to the group-up point. It was decided we would head south as the wind was SE. I rode with Lynn for much of the south bound portion as she was concerned she would be left behind, not knowing the entire route and thinking she would be too slow on the climbs. I don't think there was anything to worry about on her part but she was reassured to have someone ride with her. There were 3 trikes (me, Lynn, and Bob), 1 velomobile (Doug), and 3 road bikes (Ferd and 2 others). Two of the road bikes went short. Everyone else went long. Doug and I rode to the end with the group and then headed to Potbelly's for lunch where the rest of the group met us. Riding back toward Murphy Doug had plans for us to get a 100k. That might have been possible if the rain hadn't moved in early. As it was we ended with just short of 50 miles. Hopefully we'll have better chances in the next few days!
BIKE: catrike 700; start time: 08:02; end: 14:57; avg:13.1; max: 29.8; climb: 1234; miles: 49.3
SUNNY but becoming cloudy; wind: SE 4-13; start temp: 34; min: 34; avg: 54; max: 66; end: 51
Daniel Schaaf
2017-12-15 1 Dallas Tour 40.0 13.2 949
Did a Dallas tour with Karen. We did a liesurely pace across town from the lake, rode down Swiss Ave, through Deep Ellum, downtown, the West End, and over to the bike path that parallels the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. It was a beautiful, photogenic day for a ride - cool air but warm sun and light wind. From there we rode back toward the West End but turned south passing Union Station and turned left on Young. We passed the Omni Hotel and arrived at the Longhorn Procession exhibit near Pioneer Plaza. We spent some time walking through the "herd" and taking some photos. Then we continued east on Young, passing the Dallas City Hall before turning north toward Main St and a right turn to continue east through Deep Ellum. We reached the spur for the Santa Fe Trail and took it north back toward White Rock Lake, stopping at The Lot for lunch. After lunch we continued up to the west side of White Rock Lake to Branchfield, turned left and left again on Fisher eventually crossing the tracks and turning left where we entered the Ridgewood Trail Bike Path heading southwest. We turned onto the Katy Trail Extension, passed the Mockingbird Station, rode over the new Mockingbird bike path suspension bridge and eventually reached McCommas Blvd where we crossed 75 Central Expressway. Once across the Expressway, we rode north past SMU and past the George Bush Presidential Library before turning north on Boedecker. Here it got ugly. When we reached Boedecker and Northwest Hwy, we passed the shopping center on the right and it was bumper to bumper traffic. That went on for a few blocks. Finally we got past all that mess and continued north on Boedecker to the Northhaven Bike Path, which we took east to the end and then used the bike underpass under 75 to reach the White Rock Creek Trail. It was south on that with a nice tailwind all the way back to the lake. We rounded the lake the long way back to the parking lot at Winsted at the SW corner of the lake. This all sounds like a long ride, but it really wasn't - 17 miles for the first loop and 23 for the second.
Saw Kenny riding the opposite way up the White Rock Creek Trail but without his Captain America super hero suit, i didn't recognize him until too late to call out to him.
Unfortunately, the Garmin spontaneously turned off during the second part of the ride and no evidence of the stats, before it shut off, exist. Turned it back on when I noticed, but only 13 of the 40 miles are recorded and saved. Here is the RWGPS link if anyone cares to check out the route.
BIKE: Neuvation road bike; start time: 10:05; end: 15:05; avg:13.2; climb: 949; miles: 40
(miles and climbing from RWGPS, avg speed from Karen, start time /end time from me)
SUNNY; wind: NW 5 - 8; start temp: 45; end: 53
Daniel Schaaf
2017-12-14 3 Clown Ride 44.2 16.7 574
Rode the trike and still felt better than I had on Tuesday, and had a higher average. But I'm committed to a ride, tomorrow, so chose not to overdo it, today. Bob has pointed out the great disparity my Garmin registers on climbing in the environment of the lake. Tuesday it registered climbing at 20 ft per mile; today, 13 ft per mile. Todays climbing is less than Tuesday's, with more miles. I've already worked out how I will use RWGPS climbing - not the Garmin results, as those results are too variable, depending on the day's barometric readings and temperature. So I'll finish out the year using the Garmin results. In 2018 I will use a more consistent approach.
BIKE: catrike 700; start time: 08:09; end: 12:58; avg:16.7; max: 28.3; climb: 574; miles: 44.2
SUNNY; wind: NW 5-14; start temp: 45; min: 45; avg: 55; max: 64; end: 61
Daniel Schaaf
2017-12-12 Clown Ride 32.8 16.1 722
I was feeling a little tired after yesterday's epic ride and didn't feel like reaching my goal, which was 4 laps. I stopped at 3 laps - that was good enough. The north wind discouraged me from any desire to do more. I was still surprised to have a greater than 16 avg. Other, than the last lap, it seemed pretty slow.
BIKE: Bacchetta CA2 recumbent; start time: 07:55; end: 12:00; avg:16.14; max: 27; climb: 722; miles: 32.83
SUNNY; wind: N 14; start temp: 41; min: 41; avg: 48; max: 52; end: 52
Daniel Schaaf MAP
2017-12-11 1 Celestial Jaunt 204k 126.8 14.7 4,150
Cindy and I did this one for her final R-12 (12 months of a 200k each month). She hadn't done this one before but I knew she'd be up for a "close to home" start. I liked that idea, too. Unfortunately, Cindy had done 53 miles the day before and wasn't as energetic as she usually is. So we made our way out to Princeton and then Celeste with a nice tailwind. I still had to wait for her at times so I knew we'd have trouble maintaining the same pace, going back, with a headwind. I hadn't been able to have breakfast because I had a severe stomach ache before I drove up to Richardson to the ride start. When we got to the store in Celeste, I smelled fried chicken. I went inside and inquired if there was fried chicken - they said, 'a little'. Well there was more than a little - piles of it. I ordered a leg and a thigh and some macaroni with cheese and had a meal at the turnaround point. We chatted, too, and ended up leaving Celeste after 1 PM. I knew that was trouble, but we had front and rear lights, so riding in the dark wouldn't be a huge issue. We got back to a little north of Farmersville, 20 miles southwest of Celeste, where there is a ranch with a herd of 31 Longhorn Cattle. Naturally we stopped to take photos, and the owner ran out to greet us. We had a nice conversation with him and learned the history of the herd. But time was getting on and we had 2½ hours of daylight to go 40 miles. I knew that would never happen in daylight, thanks to headwind, traffic, and traffic lights. So we left there and reached Princeton in about half an hour. We made that a quick stop and headed toward Richardson. I wanted to reach Los Rios in daylight, and we did, just. The route I planned for this ride took us up Collins to Palisades, then east to Galatyn, which crosses 75 on an overpass, then Glenville, then Lookout. We took the bike path across the golf course which connects west Lookout to East Lookout - no access by car. The trouble was, I didn't know that the golf course closes gates on the bikepath at about 6 PM. We got through the east gate as employees were just leaving. There was another gate on the west side of the golf course, closed, and not easy to get over. Cindy went over, I lifted the bikes over, and then I climbed over. I need to figure out an alternate route if anyone encounters the closed gates in the future, using this route. Aside from that, the rest of the ride went pretty well, with no issues. But we took a very long time. The first 33 and the last 33 miles are urban - hard to make good time. So a winter ride could easily finish in the dark, as ours did. A summer ride should be easy to finish in daylight. But it will take quite a bit longer either way because of the urban riding - something to consider when doing this one.
BIKE: Neuvation road bike; start time: 08:02; end: 18:41; avg:14.7; max: 31.4; climb: 4150; miles: 126.86
SUNNY; wind: SW 5-10; start temp: 39; min: 39; avg: 63; max: 75; end: 55
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