PBA Jersey History


PBA members have always been proud to wear the club colors.  It has been important to the club to have a distinguishing jersey as a means to identify the club members and promoting the PBA.  The following is a pictorial history of our jerseys.



    1983   jersey2-1 jersey2animation jersey 5


The PBA's first club jersey was designed by club members xxxxxxxx and yyyyyyyyyy and produced by xxxxxx sportswear company.  Some [number] jerseys were produced and sold.  It was sold in sizes ...  Special features included....  Price was $nn.00


    1987   jersey1-1 jersey1-5 jersey1animation

 In 1987 the PBA upgraded to a classier jersey produced by the Aussie company.  The bicycle logo was retained and a mountain road was added, quite possibly depicting dump hill in Sachse. The jersey was 80% polyester and 20% cotton, priced at $nn.00. 


    1992  jersey3-1 jersey3-5 jersey3animation

In 1992 the PBA adopted a jersey motif reflecting North Texas riding conditions: Hot.  The sun shown brightly on this incarnation of the PAB jersey.  Look very closly at the lower right back pocket and you will see a phone number.  No idea who owns the number 214-339-0177, but someone should give it a try.  This jersey was made by Sugoi and you will still see it worn by members now and then.  This is the first and only PBA jersey to honor a club ride by name.  See if you can spot the name.



    1996  jersey3-1 jersey4-5 jersey4animation

The 1996 version of the jersey continued the local conditions theme but added a lighter background, new logo fonts, and a repositioning of the cyclists.  This jersey can still be seen worn by members now and then.


   2003   jersey5-1 jersey5-5 jersey5animation

The 2003 version of the PBA jersey was designed by Marc Mumby based on a jersey Alan Hasty brought back from Belgium. As a complete departure from the two previous jerseys, Marc designed it for speed and safety (and it worked!)  Notice the aerodynamic stripes for air channeling and the bright yellow background for visability. As a Louis Garneau original, this jersey was 100% polyester, sporting the PBA website name, and available in men's and women sizes.  It was our first jersey to offer long-sleeve and sleeveless designs.


  2007   jersey6-1 jersey6-5 jersey6animation shorts

The 2007 edition was made by the George Hincapie company in Columbia and is 100% polyester.  It sports three stylized bicycles representing group road riding, the purpose of the PBA.  It was designed by local rider Pete Hill in a design competition and comes in men's and women's, pro and club cut, and long, short and sleeveless.  The PBA added matching club shorts and bibs to this model, giving us an almost complete "kit".  Just need gloves and socks.


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