PBA Presidents

 The PBA has been fortunate in its long history of outstanding leadership.  The following are the past and current presidents of the PBA.  If any are left out or in the wrong order, please let Chris Mathews know.  If you have photographs of any of these people please send them to Chris.  He will gladly scan them into his computer and return the photo to you.


Jeff Lingo 19xx - 19xx


Dave Pero 19xx - 19xx  


David Cathy 19xx - 19xx  


Jerry Lytle 19xx - 19xx 


Larry Schwartz 19xx - 19xx  


Susan Norvell  19xx - 19xx  


Carl Morris  19xx - 2002  





 CM Chris Mathews  2002 - 2008   Chris joined the PBA in 1994 after moving to Plano in 1992 with his wife Natalie and their two sons. He rode with OAS for many years learning group riding skills and ride leadership skills from Mike Boyle and Alan Hasty.  His favorite bike skill: pace lining.  In 2002 Rusty and Belinda Nail were pretty much running the PBA and were looking for a member to become President and lead the Board of Directors.  Chris, who did not even know that there was a Board of Directors, stepped up and took the position. At that time, there were two official PBA rides: OAS and the Eight O'clock ride.  Chris' goal was to expand the number and levels of PBA rides to include novice and intermediate rides. By the time he left office in 2008, the club had nearly 20 weekly rides of all levels, durations, and speeds.  In addition, Chris laid down the three basic principles of a PBA group ride: Fun, Challenge, and Safety.  He calls this the PBA Way.  


terry_brcka_thumb Terry Brcka 2008 - 2011   

AndrewHoodwinAndrew Hoodwin 2011-present




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