OAS History

Chapter 1 - "Dawn Patrol"

In the beginning, about two days before the discovery of dirt, there was a weekend bicycle ride known as the “Dawn Patrol” since it started at dawn, that a couple of long time runners started that would eventually become known around the booming metropolis of Plano, Texas as the OAS ride.  The two long time runners who discovered cycling and became somewhat avid cyclists, never to run again, were Richard ("Dick") Erdenberger and Michael Boyle. This cycling interest started to develop in the early spring of 1986 because of a running injury Michael had sustained that required months to heal.  The doctor said to start swimming or cycling to give his body time to recover from the pelvic stress fracture caused by over training and rigorous speed workouts. OK, why not?

This group of two would meet every Saturday, Sunday and holiday morning at Shell Park in east Plano at the crack of dawn and do a short bicycle ride for about 2 - 2 1/2 hours.  Being veteran distance runners these two were not aware of the benefits of cycling and the effect it had on physical and mental conditioning.  The prevailing thought they had was, “How can cycling as an exercise be as good as running since with a bicycle you are coastingmost of the time?”  As time progressed these two neophytes discovered the error of their ways and their seriously flawed thinking of what cycling was.  The big change came when Jim Carnes, a friend of Dick’s and previous cyclist, joined in the morning rides and introduced these two wanna-be cyclists to real cycling.

Mark Castellana  is credited with coining the name "OAS."  Legend has it that these middle-aged guys riding at dawn were accused of being Old and Stupid.  The named stuck; the riders liked it. Mark also invented "go-som-mo" and "bonk-B-gone."

Over the next months and years, the group grew and somehow got hooked up with PBA that had been created at about the same time.  Michael became the official OAS leader and never looked back on his running career. Michael has attempted to recollect the names of the early OASers and a few tidbits about each:

Michael Boyle

Jim Carnes

Dick Erdenberger (Big Dick)

Dick Mallet (Middle Dick)

Dick Newbauer (Little Dick)

Mark Castellana (OAS namer)

Dave Tysver

Ken O’Grady (1-legged endurance man)

Marc Mumby

Susie Mumby

Alan Hasty (future OAS leader)

Duane Evans

Cindy Hunt (married on a bike) Alan Hunt (married on a bike) Steve Maynard (el coyote) Ed Singer (warm weather rider)

Alan Warner

Duane Matthes

Larry Schwartz Jim B.

Bob Bonce

Bill Hammond

Bob Molyneux

Clyde Davidson

Chris Mathews (broken heart)

Rusty Nail (starter 8 O'Clock ride)

George Markus

Bill Shelton

Gary Peacock John ? Jeff Wheeler  


Chapter 2 - "Tour de Cul de Sac"

Chapter 3 - "Your Hurtin' Me"

Chapter 4 - "By The Time I Get To Weston"

Chapter 5 - ?


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