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2017 Collin Classic 64 DBRec Pace Group

6 months 1 day ago #25261

OK Ron,

I'll look for you by the PBA valet tomorrow am



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6 months 1 day ago #25259

Hi Tom,

I don't know about pacelining--we generally don't do that in DBRec. But I don't mind pulling for most. Feel free to join us, you should do fine if you ride WNR C. If your HR rises, there will be ample opportunity to detach from the group and ride slow or stop at a break point to rest and recover/eat.

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6 months 2 days ago #25251

Hi Ron,

I have not ridden with your group, but I ride with PBA Tuesday and Wed nights, usually in the "C" group where we average about 17 MPH for 28 or so miles.

I have been riding about 100 miles a week the past 6 weeks or so, but the longest I have ridden so far this summer has only been 42 miles.

I am trying to figure out how much I will need to slow down to go from 32 miles to 64 miles, keeping my heart rate in an acceptable range...

Sounds like you are planning to ride around 16 MPH...paceline or not ?

Thanks much,

Tom McWilliams

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6 months 4 days ago #25239

We'll meet by 6:20am at the PBA Bike Valet and then line up at the start to ride the 64mile route of Collin Classic. We'll maintain a DBRec effort, which usually means a 15.5-16.5mph rolling average (but might be faster under rally conditions of fewer stops).

Meet Time:
by 6:20am at the PBA Bike Valet, then we'll move to the start. If you arrive after this time, please look for us in the starting lineup, you might be able to squeeze in and join us, so please arrive early!

Meet Place:
At the PBA Bike Valet. It's located in the parking lot of Oak Point Park at the center of this google map . It looks like this .

Rest Stops:
We'll plan to stop at the PBA rest stop (twice) It's marked in bold in the list below. Other stops are optional, and will be used if needed.
8.8 Break Point 1
16.0 Break Point 2
38.2 Break Point 4
48.0 Break Point 2
55.3 Break Point 1


Although this is not an official PBA ride (no sign-in sheet), we'll stress safety and keep our pace and effort smooth and consistent. Please join us and let's have a great ride! Your participation will benefit the Boys & Girls Clubs of Collin County.

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