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Novice Ride 08.19.2017 @ 7 am

5 months 4 days ago #25342

Thanks Christina. After two months of traveling I think I'm ready to settle down. :)

See you on Saturday. It's going to be a fun day!

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5 months 5 days ago #25340

WELCOME BACK NADIA! We missed your happy smiling face all these weeks. Candace and Brooke did a GREAT job filling in for you. Hope you had a great break and travels.


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5 months 6 days ago #25337

Novice riders are you ready? Truly ready? Meet us at the same place (NW corner of SC&C) by 6:45 am for announcements and the pre-ride speech. We'll start at 7 am sharp! Bring your helmet, a drink (preferably water), a spare tube, and your wonderful self. After the ride, we'll enjoy some coffee/tea along with an assortment of snacks from my trips abroad - Idaho is like another country. :)

Do you know the population of Wyoming? What do you do if a brown bear starts to eat you? What will a backpack full of laptops (3) do to a chicken if it falls from four feet above inside a van? Why is there a chicken inside a van? The answer to these questions and more at this week's ride.

If anyone is interested, we can certainly ride another 8 miles for a total of 25. See you then! - Nadia

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