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Novice Ride 10.28.2017 @ 8 am

3 months 2 weeks ago #25549

I've texted a few folks who will also be there tomorrow morning. We can collectively make a decision then. The last time I invited people out early for a cup of tea before the ride no one showed. So, I'll be there at 7:45 and see where we go from there. I'm obviously looking forward to the hot chocolate and chatter, and if someone else offers to pay then I'm skipping the ride. :) Kidding...sort of.

Please dress appropriately and know your limits.


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3 months 2 weeks ago #25548

Nadia, Thanks so much for your leadership during my return to the PBA peloton. I have enjoyed your rides, but please do not ride at 8 am tomorrow morning. It will be too cold with a wind chill of 27 degrees. You will be riding in hypothermia weather. Not worth it. But I like the part about Starbucks for coffee and goodies. What time should I get there?



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3 months 3 weeks ago #25536

Well it's here. My last time leading novice for the season. :( I couldn't make it 10 years like Renee. I'm not that awesome!

The weather looks quite dreary too, so I hope folks show up to ride. Historically, the last weekend in October has been cancelled due to poor weather conditions. Let's change that!

Be there at 7:45 for announcements. As always, we'll have tea/coffee/snacks at the end of the ride at Starbucks.

Please dress appropriately. It's going to be cold. Canada cold. I've never been to Canada but I hear from Candace that it's C-O-L-D.

I have enjoyed leading this group these past few months and I've learned so much from everyone. I hope I can lead again some day next year. Until that day, enjoy the ride!!

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