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Step-Up Ride for Oct. 28th, 8 AM Start

2 months 3 weeks ago #25538

At this writing (Friday, 6 AM, Oct 27th) the weather forecast for Saturday morning, October 28th, across the ride area is tentative -- The Weather Channel has it as a 0% chance of rain overnight into Saturday, but temp at 8 AM is predicted to be 36 deg. with winds NW at 7 mph. The wind chill profile predicted is right on the line of going. If the prediction turns out to have been too optimistic and the reality is a little colder, or a little more wind, the ride will be cancelled. Check this space for a cancellation notice that will be posted by 6:15 AM Saturday. If you don't see a cancellation notice by 6:15 AM, then I'm planning to be at the start area and we'll call a go/no-go from there. We had a ride under these same marginal conditions last winter (it was 37 deg and light winds) and at the start area those that showed up decided to go on the ride.

The start area is in the parking lot of the Stonewood Professional Office Park (33 deg 03' 29" N 96 deg 46' 25" W). This is just to the west of the shopping center at the northwest corner of Coit and Spring Creek. Please meet and sign-in at 7:45 AM for the pre-ride briefing ready to go so we can ride off at 8 AM. Please remember water, helmet, tire repair kit, and air-up your tires and check your bike before the pre-ride briefing. Given the conditions, additionally you'll need full-fingered gloves, and will need to cover your ears, neck and extremities. Last winter season we had a couple "pinch flats" from tires not aired up sufficiently in the cold temp they'll be ridden in, so air them at the start area. We'll plan to do the normal Step-Up 33.5 mile route at an average of about 13 - 14 MPH. Step-Up avg speeds for the last few months of rides have been between 13.2 and 13.8 mph.

For future planning, be aware that many club members, including those who have been leading the Step-Up ride of late, will be riding the downtown Dallas ride on Saturday, November 4th. There will likely not be a Step-Up ride on Nov 4th.

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