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Tweener Aug 26 7:00 AM start

4 months 3 weeks ago #25371

OK, then, I shall make a "call" for one leader in particular whose initials are B. P.

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4 months 3 weeks ago #25368

Not that I'm aware of. I haven't seen a call for ride leaders.

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4 months 3 weeks ago #25367

Are you leading a Labor Day ride?

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4 months 3 weeks ago #25366

For all y'all Tweener riders not going to HHH this weekend, please meet at my white truck or Kirk's red truck by 6:45 for sign in and pre-ride tail gate chat. We meet at the north end of the parking lot. (Please do not park in front of the nearby Day Care center.) We will ride at 15.5 - 16.0 mph for about 43 miles, with two rest stops. The temperatures will be a bit less than previous weeks, but still warm enough to pay attention to hydration, before, during, and after the ride. This is a NO-DROP ride.

I will post by 6:00 AM if there is a weather delay or cancellation.

• The goal is to keep the group effort smooth and consistent during the ride.
• In order to keep the effort smoother for everyone, the front riders will accelerate very gradually after stops and turns.
• If you want to work more, please take a turn up front by announcing your request and safely making your way up to the front, e.g. at a stop light, when given the go-ahead.
• We will target a rolling average of 15.5mph - 16.0mph. This typically means going about 2-3 mph faster on flats.
• We may go slower at times, we don't want to burn ourselves out on these long rides, so uphill and/or upwind sections will be taken at an easier pace so as to not expend our reserves.
• We may go much faster at times and exceed 25mph, depending on wind and hills.
• This is a NO-DROP RIDE. If we get separated at a traffic signal, or if there is a mechanical issue, please call out "Mechanical," or "Riders Back" so the ride leader can slow down or stop to regroup. This also means we will ride as fast as the slowest ride, but no faster than the 16.0 mph average. If you have consistently been able to ride faster, please consider moving up to DB Lite or DB2.

You are responsible for your own safety and the safety of everyone else in the group, so please RIDE STEADILY, BE PREDICTABLE, & COMMUNICATE while riding with our group and adhere to the following PBA rules:
• Keep at least one hand on the handlebar at all times!
• You must wear a helmet.
• Headphones, speakers, and any form of music is not allowed.
• Call out road hazards loudly so others will hear you.
• Loudly call "SLOWING" if cyclists ahead of you slow down unexpectedly.
• Please note: left is anything under the handlebars or to the left of the left column; right is anything under the handlebars or to the right of the right column; and middle is anything between the left and right columns.
• When the ride leader calls out "Prepare Left", the sweeper (last cyclist in the left column) is responsible for initiating group left lane change(s) when safe to do so by loudly calling out "Take It" and taking the lane first or holding the current lane while loudly calling out "Car Back".
• Ride a straight line and do not overlap the wheel in front of you.
• Loudly pass all messages pertaining to the group up to the ride leader, e.g. "Gap" if the group starts to separate, "Riders Back" if members get separated at a stoplight or similar, "Mechanical" if ANYTHING occurs that requires the group to stop, and "Rider(s) Down" if needed.
• I strongly recommend blinking lights even during daytime rides. The added visibility may save you from injury or worse!

The goal is to have fun while riding safely within our ride parameters and enjoying the outdoors. Please introduce yourself to anyone you haven't met before.

For those of you that read this far down and are still with me, this is the last weekend of the year with a 7:00 AM departure. Departure time for September rides is 7:30 AM.

Speaking of September, the Labor Day Ride for PBA members is Monday, September 4, 8:00 AM at Hoblitzelle Park. Be There!

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