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OAS Ride leaders for the summer of 2015.

2 years 8 months ago #20743


Dick Thompson will be responsible for the OAS ride on Saturday mornings until I return towards the end of August. On the Saturday rides, if there are fewer than 8 - 10 riders, Dick may elect to ride with George and OAS Lite. That will be his call. I suggest if you want to continue to have a separate ride, you show up and bring and couple of friends to let him know you want an OAS ride. Presence speaks loader than words in this case.

That being said - THIS Sat, 6/13 - is the Collin Classic which is a worthy ride, and you should support it. Dick has yet to make a decision as to whether or not he'll be riding in the Collin Classic. Look to this forum as to whether or not there will be an OAS ride on 6/13.

On Sunday Dick, Deb Woodlock, and Eric Smernoff will be responsible for the rides. They will decide amongst themselves who will be doing the leading.

As for the start time, well, I've said my bit, and these three people will decide on what time to start the rides for the month of June. Again, look to this forum for the definitive start time of the OAS ride during the month of June.

Stay safe, have fun and make it easy for these three people so that they can enjoy their ride too.

IF you are interested in the progress of our group going across the country, you can either check out
or friend me on Map my ride. Be sure to friend the Alan that has the little frog as the avatar, as that is the account I'm going to be posting our rides.

So long and I'll see you towards the end of August.

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