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8/12 DB Lite to McKinney 50ish miles @ 7 am

5 months 1 week ago #25326

I really liked that route. I hope we do it again!

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5 months 1 week ago #25324

The winds favor an east route but given the chance for rain I don't want to venture all the way to Princeton. However, we'll spend some time in the country on our way to and from McKinney. The route has very little in common with the McKinney route from two weeks ago, so you shouldn't get that "I've just been here" feeling.


As for the other particulars...

  • It's around 27 miles to the scheduled rest stop (QuikTrip at Hwy 5 and Eldorado/Industrial). We have several options for a second stop once we get back into Allen in case anyone needs it.
  • It's August and it will hot so take plenty of fluids.
  • Be there early enough to get everything ready and get signed in by 6:50 so we can get the introductions and comments out of the way and be on our way by 7:00.
  • The group should average somewhere in our 16-17.5 mph range.
  • If group size is large enough we may go out in two groups, and we'll potentially do speed-based groups after the rest stop.
  • As always, have a SAG plan and be able to find your way back if we lose you, because yes, this is a "drop" ride. However the ride will wait for mechanicals and for riders who get caught by lights, but only if we know they got caught.
  • Please have a copy of the route, either printed or in a Garmin, in case the group splits or you get off the back (or the front) and need to find your way home. For those who want a turn by turn or printed map RideWithGPS will let you do that.
  • Help up front is necessary. If you rode with me last week you understand.
I'll strive to update the post by 6:00 am if the chance of rain does materialize.

Hope to see you all in the morning!


Let's be careful out there.

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