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9/30 DB Lite to Princeton 52 miles @ 7:30 am

3 months 3 weeks ago #25468

Last Saturday ride of the year with a 7:30 am start time.

The winds favor an east route so we'll try once again to go to Princeton (no mention of rain in the forecast this time). Sure, it's not a 5-star rest stop, but hey, it's Princeton! Last time I posted a clockwise route, this time I posted a counterclockwise route. Just because.


As for the other particulars...

  • It's around 24 miles to the scheduled rest stop (store at 380 & 2nd Street). It shouldn't be so hot this week but we can always find a second stop in Allen if anyone needs it.
  • Be there early enough to get everything ready and get signed in by 7:20 so we can get the introductions and comments out of the way and be on our way by 7:30.
  • The group should average somewhere in our 16-17.5 mph range.
  • If group size is large enough we may go out in two groups, and we'll potentially do speed-based groups after the rest stop.
  • As always, have a SAG plan and be able to find your way back if we lose you, because yes, this is a "drop" ride. However the ride will wait for mechanicals and for riders who get caught by lights, but only if we know they got caught.
  • Please have a copy of the route, either printed or in a Garmin, in case the group splits or you get off the back (or the front) and need to find your way home. For those who want a turn by turn or printed map RideWithGPS will let you do that.
  • Help up front is necessary.
See ya there!


Let's be careful out there.

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