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The Deuce—2017/08/12 Rain, or maybe not?

5 months 1 week ago #25325

The weather forecast has been changing all day, and the periods of predicted rain have varied. At 22:15, The Weather Channel predicts a 35% chance of thunderstorms in the 07:00 hour, with decreasing probability through the rest of the morning. AccuWeather predicts a 51% chance in the 07:00 hour, but also tapering off through the rest of the morning. So on the off chance that it appears too threatening at 07:00, we may delay by up to an hour. Perhaps I'll be in Starbucks. If it looks good, though, we'll have our usual scolding at 06:45, and sign-in sheets, and we'll ride.

If it looks like it might be raining, we'll take this rain route (thanks to Ron Shome and Curtis Williams) .

If it looks like it's going to be a clear morning, we'll tempt the fates and take this route that is slightly longer and takes us farther away from home.

Sorry for getting this posted late, but I've been fighting with my printer most of this evening.

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