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The Deuce—2017/10/07—55mi; Las Colinas

3 months 2 weeks ago #25489

I'm leading DB2 on Saturday, but I haven't found a route yet. Winds will be from the SW, WSW, and WNW late in the ride, so a route to the west would be ideal, but we don't have many of those. Still looking.

OK, I found a route. We'll re-cycle a DB Lite route from May 2017, posted by Curtis. It goes out to Irving, Valley Ranch, Las Colinas, and then comes back. There might be some hills there. We'll be leaving at 08:00, so the sign-in and pep talk will be around 07:45.

This is a drop ride, but we wait for people caught by traffic lights, and we stop for mechanical problems. Just don't drop me.

Here's a link to the route.

--Steve Rovinsky

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