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Bnb Classic 29 Oct @ 8 am: 48 or 52 miles

3 months 2 weeks ago #25551

SW wind rising to 12 mph. Either we go 48 miles to Valley Ranch , or we go the usual Sachse route . I'm leaning towards Valley Ranch. Thoughts?

The other details:

  • It's going to be 40ish at the start but warming into the lower 60s, so layers might be in order.
  • Expect an average speed somewhere in our 15.5 -16.5 mph range. Since this is a no drop ride, as long as someone is in the posted range we will stick with them (unless it's the ride leader and he tells you to go have fun).
  • Depart from the usual Bagels location at Legacy and Independence just north of Dunkin' Donuts.
  • Separate sign in and briefing from the "other" Bagels ride. We normally do sign-in just south of the regular Bagels group, but still north of Dunkin'.
  • Wheels down at 8:00 AM, so be there ready to ride for sign in by 7:50.
  • Rest stop is at about mile 28.
  • As I said this is a no-drop ride, but choose wisely. This is decidedly not a DB2 or DB1 pace, more like slow DB Lite.
I don't like cold weather but I'll be there anyway. You should too! Hope to see you in the morning!


Let's be careful out there.

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