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October-March 8:00
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September 7:30

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DB REC 9/16 66 miles to Ray Hubbard/Rowlett 7:30 a.m. Start

5 months 1 week ago #25432

Could be breezy from the South/Southeast so Prince Williams (Curtis) charted a new and interesting route that he shared with me that follows some back roads near Ray Hubbard. Hopefully it will be an adventure! You can find the route HERE.

Here is the WEATHER.

This is a drop ride, but no-one will be left behind without confirmation that they will get home safely via SAG or escorted. Also, the published pace for REC is 16 -16.5 MPH, so I'll do my best to pace the ride average, when completed, in that range. Two planned rest stops. Please be at the start location by 7:15 for sign-up and prompt 7:30 roll.

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