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Inaugural Westside B Squared 3/4

10 months 2 weeks ago #24698

Ok, I think I have settled on the route I want to do for the first ride. It's a bit short (as several have expressed concerns about doing the distance) and anyone can reduce the distance farther since the sprint zone is the tribute out and back. You could do all 7 miles or none by waiting at the regroup. The ride could be anywhere from about 32 miles up to 39 miles. I am intentionally taking it a bit slower and shorter on very familiar roads for this first ride. I hope to see you all there...

ROUTE: ridewithgps.com/routes/19294207

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10 months 3 weeks ago #24685

Join me on March 4th for the inaugural PBA Westside B Squared ride from Tri Shop. I am still working on a series of routes that we will vary from week to week. This initial ride will be about 40 miles at 14-15 mph and will include the Tribute sprint zone. Additional routes including heading east to Dublin Road and west to Lake Grapevine. Some weeks I hope to just explore so sign up if you like variety. I will take suggestions for routes and objectives to and already have a request to dip a front wheel into Lake Lewisville.

The weather for this Saturday looks to be a cool 50 degrees at the start warming to 58 by the finish. There is rain forecast for Saturday but it doesn't appear to be coming in until after we are done. Please arrive by 7:45 AM to sign in and get the pre-ride so we can roll out at 8:00 AM.

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