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Fast Forty Saturday, March 19th

1 year 10 months ago #23301

F40 Crew,

Forecast says, it will be cold (30's) and we will have a North wind in the morning. Dress warm and be prepared to share the load in the headwind on the way out. The pace will be moderate heading into the wind so everyone can pitch in. On the way back after the rest stop we will enjoy a fast ride with a tailwind. We will regroup at the usual spots.

Remember, the call is "Report" and the response is "All Here" if and only if everyone is with the group. If not, then "Not Yet" or "Gap" etc.

See you at 7:45am for an 8am rollout. Don't be late! If you are not there to sign in before 8am, then you are not officially on the ride until the rest stop and you will need to sign in then.


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