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Sunday Destination / Breakfast Ride - March 22

2 years 10 months ago #20197

According to RADAR, showers have moved off to the East. I'm good to roll at 8am provided that the rain stays away and the roads have a chance to dry. It's still dark out so we'll need to make the final call at the parking lot or we get different word from the club.

Feel free to post on Facebook what you're seeing especially those who live in East Plano.

Come prepared for sprinkles just in case.

See you at 7:50 - ride at 8:00

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2 years 10 months ago #20160

I've eaten at the Ballard Street Restaurant before; they have really good cycling food!

Andrew Hoodwin

If you train hard enough and push yourself to your limits, you can aspire to become slow like me

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2 years 10 months ago #20144

Sunday Destination / Breakfast Ride – March 22, Wylie, Texas

Did you know many cultures consider breakfast to be one of the three most important meals of the day?

The Destination / Breakfast Ride will ride once again, Sunday, March 22! Winter’s grip has relaxed and forecasts remain positive.

While our last ride was quite the tour, this time we will follow a more direct (faster) route and go to more familiar and closer territory. We will start at PBA Headquarters – Spring Creek and Coit, and roll to the Ballard Street Café in Wylie, Texas. AHMO!

When: Sunday, March 22 – 8:00 am.

Where: PBA Parking Lot – North end. Spring Creek and Coit

Distance: 36 miles, 945 ft

Speed: 13-15 average. The route will be more direct; therefore, I expect speeds will be higher.

Please arrive at least 15 minutes early. This is a PBA ride so we will need time to register, go over the safety briefing, and call the restaurant. If possible, bring a lock/chain to secure the bike at the restaurant.

Map: http://ridewithgps.com/routes/7237349

Breakfast fans, if you do not want the next breakfast destination to be a McDonald’s drive-through, please send in destination suggestions for future rides. I expect the next ride will be in the Frisco area.

About the ride:
The Sunday Destination / Breakfast Ride combines a ride to local destinations or points of interest not on a typical PBA route, and a stop at a breakfast restaurant along the way. The rides are “no drop” and the plan is to keep the distances between 30 to 45 miles and the average speed between 13 and 15 miles per hour. For this ride the journey is as important as the destination and I hope we can enjoy a casual ride with a variety of locations, neighborhoods, restaurants, scenery, topography, and camaraderie. A sense of adventure is important as we will discover routes together. While I will research routes in advance, do expect a wrong turn or three. I look forward to your feedback after each ride to improve the routes. Depending on the destination, the starting location might be someplace other than the Coit and Spring Creek / PBA parking lot so please note the starting location for each ride.

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