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Sunday / Destination Breakfast Ride - April 10th

1 year 10 months ago #23417

Download link?

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1 year 10 months ago #23415


1. Route: I've made a few minor changes to the route. Download the new file. I drove some of the route Thursday and I think you will like the variety of roads and places we will ride on and see. We'll even pass a few patches of bluebonnets. We will have much longer stretches of open road than the last ride to downtown.

2. Parking - The restaurant did not mention any restrictions but as a courtesy, do not park in prime or up close spaces. I'll likely park close to (but not in front of) Bottle and Bottega.

3. Bikes: Unfortunately, the restaurant does not want us to bring the bikes into the patio after the ride - they were concerned about space. We'll need to find a place around the perimeter outside the fence or in front all chained together. The manager said there is a bike rack but I don't recall seeing it. I'll try to look tonight or tomorrow for opportunities. Of course, some bikes can be secured to car racks. Bring chains.

4. WIND! The wind taketh and the wind giveth back... We will have a windy ride with strong, gusty winds from the south. Our ride to Irving will be challenging. Try to hold together so we can draft from one another. Recumbents - please keep to the rear of the group on the ride south so the uprights can maximize drafting. If we have a large group we will split into two squads. Be prepared to lead, to pull, and to sweep! The ride back home should be, well, a breeze!
Hearing can be a challenge in the wind. Since we'll be on unfamiliar Dallas County roads we'll all need to be vigilant to cracks and holes and call out hazards and reports loudly.

5. Lastly, buying beer for those who pulled from the front would be a nice gesture!

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1 year 10 months ago #23383

The Sunday Destination / Breakfast Ride will ride once again - Sunday, April 10th

The Mustangs at Las Colinas - Irving, TX

Special April Fools Brunch Edition





...for bacon...

I thought we'd try something a bit different for the April edition of the Sunday Destination / Breakfast Ride --- we'll do a Sunday Destination / Brunch Ride. A revolutionary idea, and the initials on the monogrammed towels still work!

Rather than have breakfast near the halfway point, WE WILL EAT AT THE END OF THE RIDE. We will start / finish / eat / drink at the Katy Trail Ice House in Plano. And remember, the only thing better than breakfast is brunch because it's socially acceptable to drink during brunch!

We'll make our way to the west and south to the famous Mustangs in Las Colinas. In keeping with the spirit of the April Fools Edition I've selected a route on which many of the roads are new to me. That's part of the spirit of the adventure but please be understanding if we encounter "interesting" conditions. The Southwest route is in response to the winds forecast for next Sunday. Routes into towns south of Plano can be challenging!

Please remember to bring a lightweight cable and lock to secure your bike.

When: Sunday, April 10- 8:00am

Where: We'll start and end at the parking lot of The Katy Trail Ice House 4700 West Park Blvd., Plano, TX

Distance: 46 miles, 1,150ft.

Speed: Up to 15 average. No Drop. PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT THIS IS FASTER AND LONGER THAN THE STEP UP RIDE. Please choose the ride carefully if unsure of your ability. If we have a large group, we will split into two squads.

Please arrive at least 15+ minutes early. This is a PBA ride so we will need time to register, go over the safety briefing, and call the restaurant.

About the ride:

The Sunday Destination / Breakfast Ride combines a ride to local destinations or points of interest not on a typical PBA route, and a stop at a breakfast restaurant along the way. The rides are “no drop” and the plan is to keep the distances between 30 to 45 miles and the average speed between 13 and 15 miles per hour. For this ride the journey is as important as the destination and I hope we can enjoy a casual ride with a variety of locations, neighborhoods, restaurants, scenery, topography, and camaraderie. A sense of adventure is important as we will discover routes together. While I will research routes in advance, do expect a wrong turn or three. I look forward to your feedback after each ride to improve the routes. Depending on the destination, the starting location might be someplace other than the Coit and Spring Creek / PBA parking lot so please note the starting location for each ride

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