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Sunday Destination / Breakfast - July 10 - 7:15am

1 year 7 months ago #24083

I when on this ride and let me tell you, the scenery was absolutely gorgeous. The ride out was not that hilly,(even for me) and the pace was perfect. Great food and very reasonably priced. Definitely down for this one again,(assuming the same course).

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1 year 7 months ago #24032

Thanks for posting Michele - site was down last night so I couldn't update.

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1 year 7 months ago #24025

Here's the latest post from Facebook:

Sunday Destination / Breakfast Ride quick turnaround edition.

In an effort to get back on a more regular schedule, the Sunday Destination / Breakfast Ride rides again, July 10th (7:15 departure!)
Our past several rides have been on the long side, so this Sunday’s ride will ease back on the miles for a somewhat quicker and cooler ride. We will meet at PBA world headquarters at Spring Creek and Coit and ride east to St. Paul, Texas. In St. Paul we will enjoy a fine breakfast at the Country Club Café on, you guessed it, Country Club Road.

I’m told the dining is fine at the Country Club Café, but the accommodations are on the smaller side. In an effort to arrive before the rush, we will leave at an earlier time.

Please remember to bring a lightweight cable and lock to secure your bike.

When: Sunday, July 10th, 7:15am.

Where: PBA Parking Lot, Spring Creek and Coit

Distance: 35 miles, 850ft.

Speed: Up to 15 average. No Drop. This is a great opportunity for developing riders to stretch their legs and experience something different.

Please arrive at least 15+ minutes early. This is a PBA ride so we will need time to register, go over the safety briefing, and call the restaurant.


About the ride:
The Sunday Destination / Breakfast Ride combines a ride to local destinations or points of interest not on a typical PBA route, and a stop at a breakfast restaurant along the way. The rides are “no drop” and the plan is to keep the distances between 30 to 45 miles and the average speed between 13 and 15 miles per hour. For this ride the journey is as important as the destination and I hope we can enjoy a casual ride with a variety of locations, neighborhoods, restaurants, scenery, topography, and camaraderie. A sense of adventure is important as we will discover routes together. While I will research routes in advance, do expect a wrong turn or three. I look forward to your feedback after each ride to improve the routes. Depending on the destination, the starting location might be someplace other than the Coit and Spring Creek / PBA parking lot so please note the starting location for each ride

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1 year 7 months ago #24022

where do we meet and what time do we meet?

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1 year 7 months ago #24011

The Sunday Destination / Breakfast Ride will ride once again - Sunday, July10th

Destination: TBD! Looking for a closer destination so we won't bake our biscuits in the sun.

The Sunday Destination / Breakfast Ride is trying to get back on schedule and make up for the Independence Day rain cancellation. Our team of dedicated breakfast ride planning professionals is sorting through a mound of data to find the next destination. While they complete their work, please reserve Sunday, July 10th, for the ride. Expect more details soon.

Due to the heat and need to have a shorter ride, I'd like to keep the ride in the mid 30 mile range for this Sunday.

Suggestions (almost) always appreciated!

Stay tuned...

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