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Westside Ride 6/25 8AM at Tri Shop

1 year 6 months ago #23919

OK Westsiders / Tri-Shopers it is time for another installment of the PBA Westside / Tri-Shop 'C' Ride.

We will go the same rout as always.
Please be ready to ride at 745, to hear the pre-ride announcement.
It will be Texas hot, so please bring no less then 2 bottles full and ready to go.
Just a quick heat related note. When you sweat you release lots of salts. Drinking lots of water is good, but does not do a good enough job of also replacing the salts you have lost. Those salts are electrolytes and are directly related to your energy level. So add some electrolytes to your water. I use NUUN tablets in my bottles (they will even dissolve in ice water)and Enlyten strips. The Enlyten strips are amazingly fast acting if your bonking.

I will have both of you need some.

See you in the morning.


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